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Grow Smarter

We improve the way global organizations activate strategy, tackle business challenges, innovate and grow. Our technology drives results faster by connecting people in purpose built groups to solve problems, spread ideas, and share knowledge. With CorpU as your partner, you will successfully drive the people-side of business transformation.

Our Methodology

CorpU Methodology Collective Problem Solving
  • Integrates capability-building and work by linking to key business challenges and outside experts resulting in better thinking and better work
  • Improves strategy execution by creating continuous alignment and iteration which improves predictability of results
  • Built for Speed and Scale by connecting global teams in real-time problem-solving networks

Our Technology

CorpU Technology Social, Mobile, Cloud-Based
  • Structured Conversation Engine drives cross-company collaboration which improves idea sharing and problem solving
  • Deep Analytics provides senior leaders with X-Ray vision into key business initiatives to allow for real-time corrective action
  • Social, mobile, cloud experience is built for busy executives

Our Partners

CorpU provides a steady stream of distilled wisdom from top experts to help you Grow Smarter.

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