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February 28th

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Penn State Smeal College of Business

70% of Corporate Strategies Fall Short

You don’t have to take our word for it. Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Bain and Company and Harvard all found this failure rate hasn’t budged in decades.

What causes this?

  • Strategies are too complex

    Strategies are too complex

    CEO direct reports have increased 300% since 1986. Annual plans have tripled in complexity as a result.

  • 1-Way Conversation

    Plan rollouts are a 1-way conversation

    Senior executives never really know whether front-line people understand the plan, are bought-in, and have the resources to implement.

  • Slow Implementation

    Implementation is too slow

    Scheduling town-hall meetings and flying around simply takes too long to meet today’s pace of business.

How we help with strategy success

There is a Better Way:

What Strategy Activation Can Do For You

CorpU is a cloud-based solution that engages your people in structured conversations, idea tournaments, and prediction markets to increase the speed and likelihood of success.

Strategy Activation Users Lead the World

Technology Gains

Strategy Activation in Action:

Agilent Technologies Gains Back 4 Months and $76 Million

Supply Chain President Henrik Archer-Jenson:

  • Reduced time to launch from 4 months to 9 days
  • Generated $76 Million in actionable improvement ideas
  • Built capability and deepened employee commitment

The Agilent Story

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