CorpU Smarter Growth Webinar Series

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Join this session of CorpU’s Smarter Growth Series — Make Leaders Better Negotiators: A Fast Path to Improved Profitability, with session guide Hal Movius, Founder and President of Movius Consulting and CBI Consultant.

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Problems We Solve:

  • Inability to measure performance and development initiatives
  • Unaligned training initiatives with actual business problems
  • Inability to identify key skill gaps preventing strategic change
  • Reactive rather than proactive decision-making during times of change
  • Lack of collaboration within management teams
  • Leaders that lack the right capabilities and skills to drive the right outcomes
  • Capability development within teams and leaders is too slow

With CorpU, You Can:

  • Generate measurable change from change management programs
  • Speed up capability development within teams and management
  • Align teams to solve the right business problems in a timely manner
  • Measure performance and gain actionable insights from leadership development initiatives
  • Prepare leadership teams to proactively manage organizational change
  • Identify and build the next generation of leadership

Using expert-led courses, machine-learning, and advanced analytics, CorpU improves vision and strategy alignment while building functional skills within management teams.


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CorpU Programs Drive Business Results through a TEAM Focus

  • Technology to facilitate collaborative learning and conversation.
  • Expert-led Content from the best faculty and institutions in the world.
  • Analytics to provide insights into what leaders are thinking and feeling.
  • Methodology that drives better learning retention and use.

Align Leadership Team Skills to Business Strategy & Goals

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