Who We Are & How It Works

CorpU is a Strategy Activation company that improves how organizations execute change, annual plans, business strategies and critical initiatives using a unique approach that engages and aligns leaders and teams.

CorpU’s Strategy Activation solution coordinates structured dialogue, disciplined collaboration and deep analytics to accelerate understanding, consensus and alignment; manage critical feedback loops; and provide insights that help leaders intervene when execution challenges arise.

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Evidence Supports Need For Strategy Activation

Companies develop strategic initiatives and change programs to improve performance and make a positive impact on business results. Strategy Activation changes how leaders execute.

Through Strategy Activation, leaders develop a shared understanding of strategic intentions and a collective view of the desired future state. These crucial steps guide leaders to set new priorities, make the right tradeoffs, allocate resources and build solid tactical plans. Even more, Strategy Activation helps leaders evaluate business unit, functional, and enterprise perspectives, so that they discover how tactical plans must intersect to deliver a holistic, critical mass of action.

Research Shows That:

  • 70 percent

    70% of Strategic Initiatives Fall Short of their Goals.

  • 3 out of 5

    Three out of five employees rate their companies weak at execution.

  • Number 1 Challenge

    CEOs Rank Executional Excellence their number one challenge from a list of 80 factors that impact business success.

Customers Describe Benefits

World-leading companies in retail, technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and insurance industries have achieved the following benefits:

Go Faster

Using Strategy Activation, CorpU customers shorten the time to roll out strategic initiatives by as much as 87% (from 16 weeks to 2 weeks)

Increase ROI

Companies spend millions to communicate strategic and change initiatives and often still fail to achieve goals. CorpU customers spend as little as $3 per employee per month, validate that 97% of their employees understand the initiatives and accelerate goal attainment, such as improving year-over-year margin.

Improve Culture

As teams interact with leaders, get questions answered and share suggestions to achieve results or overcome challenges, engagement and enthusiasm grows.

Strengthen Teamwork

Disciplined collaboration makes internal teams flourish and develops relationships across divisions and functions that are essential for execution.

Grow Smarter

On CorpU, teams collaborate to apply concepts that will transform supply chains, sales methodologies, and leadership capabilities. And with analytics, senior leaders have new information to gauge team readiness and acceptance for change.

A 21ST Century Solution Closes The Strategy-Execution Gap

To achieve all the benefits of Strategy Activation, CorpU develops a rigorous Success Blueprint that maps your current business challenge to your desired results. We use the Blueprint to construct a set of virtual activities that guide team collaboration and work each day on the CorpU platform. Leaders and teams collaborate and complete the virtual activities over a 1-week experience called a Strategy Sprint. A Sprint can scale to 100s, 1000s or tens of thousands of employees.







Anytime, Anywhere

CorpU’s cloud-based solution lets busy leaders learn about and collaborate on your strategy using their laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

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Anytime Anywhere

Real-Time Insight

CorpU Analytics measure understanding, alignment, commitment and motivation for your strategic initiatives. Dashboards display real-time improvements for execution readiness of your most important initiatives.


Disciplined Collaboration

CorpU guides deep discussion and collaboration to help leaders and teams gain a shared understanding of the intentions of strategic initiatives and the future state they are designed to achieve. Through disciplined collaboration, leaders and teams move faster and move together toward new performance targets.