Work Faster, Grow Smarter

Work Faster, Grow Smarter

CorpU is the strategy activation company. Our technology unlocks the collective genius of an enterprise to execute strategy faster. Business leaders rely on CorpU strategy sprints to accelerate new strategies and change initiatives at scale.

We are pioneering a disruptive, digital-first SaaS platform that enables CEOs and leadership teams to deploy, activate, monitor and measure strategic initiatives – making changes inside their own organizations and across their industries.

Our customers across the Fortune 1000 use the CorpU platform to drive and support corporate strategy to mitigate risks and accelerate success.

We’ve helped our customers accomplish ambitious goals:

Retail Growth
A global retailer pivoted their growth strategy, moving beyond a focus on individual consumers to providing enterprise solutions, and they found $1 billion worth of new opportunities.
Distribution Productivity Gains
One of the world’s largest multinational retailers rapidly improved productivity across hundreds of warehouses, saving $14 million by re-engaging managers through a culture sprint.
Life Sciences Supply Chain Excellence
The supply chain of a life sciences firm reduced the time from strategy launch to execution from over four months down to under nine days and generated $76 million worth of improvement initiative ideas from participants across the globe.
Fast, Simple, Scalable

Fast, Simple, Scalable.

We connect purpose-built groups on our platform to enable structured dialogue and disciplined collaboration for thirty minutes a day. These strategy and learning sprints help customers help customers solve unique and complex business challenges around strategy execution and implementation. Business leaders see live data and analytics that help them achieve breakthrough results–faster and at scale.

Our approach is supporting complete transformations of operating models across industries – retail, pharmaceutical, life science, automotive – and throughout functions and across entire Enterprises – Supply Chain, Sales, Communications, and HR. Our partners extend their management consulting effectiveness – and broaden the opportunity for our customers.

Evidence Supports Need For Strategy Activation

Companies develop strategic initiatives and change programs to improve performance and make a positive impact on business results. Strategy Activation changes how leaders execute.

Through Strategy Activation, leaders develop a shared understanding of strategic intentions and a collective view of the desired future state. These crucial steps guide leaders to set new priorities, make the right tradeoffs, allocate resources and build solid tactical plans. Even more, Strategy Activation helps leaders evaluate business unit, functional, and enterprise perspectives, so that they discover how tactical plans must intersect to deliver a holistic, critical mass of action.

Leading global consultancies use CorpU’s innovative digital platform to expand their consulting practices and keep pace with ever-changing customer needs. When partners build new opportunities on CorpU, they are transformed.

Our partners are the pioneers pushing out the boundaries of their industries through:

  • Scaling their expertise to thousands and tens of thousands of leaders and team members across global enterprises
  • Personalizing content and experiences to customer needs using data-driven intelligence
  • Using CorpU’s predictive technology to deliver more value to customers

Our strategic partners are also helping our customers achieve their own transformations by enhancing the experiences we create for CorpU customers.

YSCCEBGAMA International

CorpU developed a network of experts — from Wharton, Harvard, Penn State, the University of Michigan and others — whose leading-edge ideas, tools and frameworks are reshaping corporate practices across industries.

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