Work Smarter, Grow Faster

CorpU powers next generation collaboration for the most connected companies in the world. Our customers represent more than 5 million employees, and use Strategy Activation to achieve better results for important business initiatives. Strategy Activation coordinates structured dialogue, disciplined collaboration, advice from experts and real-time insights to improve execution of strategic initiatives and large-scale change efforts.

We believe that great technology unlocks the collective genius of teams so they can tackle complex business challenges – and work smarter and grow faster.


We think we’re on to something big. Our new-to-world platform, methodology, and analytics are helping business leaders achieve breakthrough results from strategic initiatives and large-scale change programs.

Transformation Projects Identify $1 Billion in Opportunities

Through working with Fortune 500 company leaders, we’ve discovered that magic happens inside an organization with our platform. You can connect the exact right groups of people through Structured Dialogue and Disciplined Collaboration and they’re able to solve unique and complex business challenges around strategy execution and implementation.

We’ve seen these two activities guide our customers through major changes and to ambitious goals.

Structured Dialogue and Disciplined Collaboration are supporting complete transformations of operating models inside pharmaceutical, life science, and auto manufacturing companies. A global retailer made a massive organizational pivot to move beyond an exclusive focus on consumers to provide solutions for enterprise customers. A mid-size company is uniting formal rivals into teams as part of an aggressive mergers and acquisitions strategy. And we can measure the depth of the results. CorpU Analytics reveal that these powerful, proprietary, technology-driven methods have already delivered improvement opportunities that are worth more than a billion dollars to our customers.

We design Strategy Activation Sprints around customers’ critical, strategic initiatives and large-scale transformation efforts. We tap into the experience, expertise, and wisdom that exists inside our customers’ own organizations, and focus it in pursuit of better business results.


New Insights and Better Decisions Improve Execution

Our technology platform makes it fun, fast, and easy. Leaders and teams engage in Structured Dialogue and Disciplined Collaboration for 30 minutes a day over a one-week experience called a Strategy Activation Sprint.

Strategy Activation is becoming the management revolution we set out to deliver.