Data instead of Gut Instinct

Strong execution of corporate initiatives is critical, yet profoundly complex and difficult to accomplish. Each year, 70% of big strategic efforts will fail to achieve their goals. That’s why we give you live analytics on in-progress strategic initiatives.

When your organization partners with us, we take a holistic approach in helping you achieve success. One of the most important components of our process is the CorpU Analytics engine – a real-time executive view into the health of your strategic initiatives.

A New Advantage

New Information and Insight

CorpU Analytics displays progress in real-time and generates detailed progress reports to arm you with the information you need to take action. You’ll have the answers to pressing questions:

  • Understanding

    How well does my team understand this initiative and the business results we aim to achieve?

  • Achieve

    Is group collaboration breaking through traditional silos to achieve our objectives?

  • Risks

    Is the team able to manage known risks, or discover solutions to hidden jeopardies?

  • strategy analytics

    Is the team enthusiastic and committed to achieving our plans?

How Does it Work?

CorpU data scientists apply sophisticated algorithms to find patterns and correlations in the conversations and collaborative work that takes place on the platform. Behind the scenes, we use a variety of techniques to bring you actionable insights.

CorpU Analytics use the following tools:

Topic Modeling

The people in your organization will generate thousands of posts and ideas in our platform. It would be an impossible task to sift through all of them to find the most critical discussions. Topic modeling does this for you by trawling through conversation threads to identify the important recurring words and phrases. This exposes the key challenges your teams are grappling with and the solutions they’d like to craft.

Entropy Analysis

In the past, if you wanted to know how well a group of people understood material, you would give them a test. We use entropy analysis, which measures language use and sophistication to infer your team’s capability to act based on their understanding of the initiatives.

Affect Analysis

While it’s hard to know how people feel, we do know it is a competitive advantage to have a fully committed and engaged workforce. Affect analysis repurposes evaluation methods familiar to marketers to measure sentiment – how much do people believe in the goals they’re being asked to achieve? Do they feel aligned? Will they be positive or negative, passive or active in the days ahead?

Predictive Modeling

When you form a team to tackle a project through our platform, you want to know that the team has the best possible chance of success. We use predictive analysis to find the individuals who are most likely to be committed – and to strategically assign those people into teams that are most likely to have the best outcomes.

Organization Network Analysis

Organization Network Analysis shows how people are working together across divides of distance, department, and seniority – basically, how robust is collaboration at your organization? With this information, you may find gaps that are hindering progress, or previously hidden leadership potential.

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