The Real Numbers Around Employee Engagement

Studies show employee engagement isn’t just “nice to have”, but yields measurable outcomes  If you’re like most executives you’ve heard plenty of talk about how to get your employees to feel happy and engaged in their work. While it sounds like a nice thing to do, you may be thinking, “Hey, I’m not a mean... Read More »

What Happened to Gary Hamel’s Moon Shots?

When Gary Hamel wrote “Moon Shots for Management” for the February 2009 Harvard Business Review, it seemed like it would be a “shot heard ‘round the world” for business, according to Sue Todd, Chief Strategy Officer for CorpU. But why, Todd wonders, hasn’t it had more effect? According to Todd, Hamel (who was recently ranked by... Read More »

Supply Chain Costs: Does Your Boss “Get It”?

Transportation costs represent a huge chunk of total supply chain costs. In fact, 60% of every supply chain dollar is spent on transportation. And expenses can increase even in a sluggish economy because of market and regulatory pressures. As a supply chain professional you’re probably all too familiar with this type of situation. But how... Read More »

The Approaching Crisis in Corporate Leadership

As companies prepare the top, middle and bottom layers of managers to face a VUCA world—a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous—there’s a crisis brewing in corporate leadership development. So says Sue Todd, Chief Strategy Officer for CorpU and an expert on leadership best practices. Todd outlines some challenges faced by senior executives,... Read More »

Splitting the Brain of the HR Professional

Business and management guru Ram Charan commented in a recent HBR article that it’s time for companies to split the HR function in two. One HR leader would focus on leadership and organization—and report directly to the CEO—and the other would manage things like compensation and benefits. This trend is arising in response to widespread... Read More »

Do Vacations Make Us Happier?

Need a vacation? Before you email your boss, breathe a sigh of relief, and start packing your skis, passport, tennis shoes, binoculars, or sun block…make sure it’s the right kind of vacation. Workplace happiness guru Shawn Achor—Harvard researcher and the New York Times-bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage—did a study that showed that some vacations... Read More »

Ed Skonecki on Connected Learning

Ed Skonecki, CorpU’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, recently sat down with Luke Kempski of JPL Learning Solutions to talk about virtual learning and why it leads to better retention than face-to-face workshops. He also discussed the challenges of getting a whole company on the same page. What we’re focused on is not only the individual... Read More »

Holiday Cookies and the Art of Negotiation

When I was little, my mom would make these awesome sugar cookies for Christmas.  The ingredients were pretty basic—the usual flour, sugar, butter—but she’d add a hint of orange peel so they had a wonderful scent of fresh citrus. Then my sister and I would have a blast decorating them, slathering on so much frosting... Read More »

Big Data: Catch the 40-Foot Wave

Half a century before Facebook and a quarter century before the Internet, a social anthropologist named John Barnes was the first to identify the concept of social networks. He spent time with the residents of a remote Norwegian fishing village, tracing their family trees and interrelationships. (“Net” was an apt usage—after all, they were fishermen.)... Read More »

Corporate Culture: Measuring the Un-measurable

About 80% of all mergers and acquisitions crash and burn—for two main reasons. The first is that technical processes such as IT don’t match. The second is that the corporate cultures don’t match. Companies almost always assess the first factor, but they normally don’t assess culture. Why not? Because they don’t know how. Work culture... Read More »