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Harness collective genius.

At CorpU, we empower innovation, problem solving and strategic thinking by unlocking the potential of an organization’s talent and leadership teams.

CorpU is transforming talent development for the 21st century through research, advice, and education.  A partner with the world’s leading business and academic organizations, we are pioneering new approaches to virtual learning communities that connect people to capture knowledge, solve problems, generate ideas, teach and learn.  Virtual Learning Communities integrate social media, cloud computing, and mobile technologies to seamlessly connect employees and experts to accelerate business success.

Since 1997, we have helped design and improve hundreds of learning organizations around the world, including Caterpillar, M&M Mars, Progressive Insurance and many more.

Members of CorpU gain insights into their most pressing challenges through direct collaboration with peers, advice from leading experts and best practice findings from our extensive research library. Online, virtual professional development courses help learning and talent professionals stay on the cutting edge of their industries and address prevailing business concerns.

Through CorpU courses, organizations can access leadership development programs from the world’s best universities and prominent faculty in a cloud-based, social learning platform. This approach gives more businesses greater access to leadership programs at a fraction of the cost, while giving them greater ammunition to solve real business challenges and drive sustainable change—not just for executives, but for all management levels.


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