Strategy Activation Builds Differentiated Leadership Capabilities

New business strategies require a shift in the leadership development environment that better reflects real-world conditions. Strategy Activation identifies groups of leaders who have shared responsibility to deliver business results, and new capabilities they’ll need to develop together to balance running the business today and shaping it for the future.

Strategy Activation

Working 30-minutes per day on the CorpU platform and with support from expert coaches, Leaders collaborate to:

Improve cultures by creating positive work environments and developing talent. Grow the businesses through new and stronger business models and the discipline of innovation. Think critically and make good, evidence-based decisions. Build strong internal networks, and with partners and customers, using exceptional negotiation skills.

See how the CorpU Methodology identifies the best path for developing your leaders to work on business challenges they face right now, and how they develop new competencies in the process.

Talent Leadership and Employee Engagement

Build Data Savvy Leaders

Create Business Value

Lead Breakthrough Change

Influence, Negotiation and Collaboration


CorpU Analytics Break New Ground Measuring Leadership Development

CorpU Analytics generate new types of quantitative and qualitative evidence to show your leadership team growing stronger. Dashboards and reports demonstrate leaders’ commitment to strategic initiatives, improved alignment of priorities, collaboration networks that are forming, and valuable solution proposals to drive future initiatives.