The Challenge

A perfect storm is gathering which will disrupt supply chain talent on a global scale.

Demand for supply chain professionals now exceeds the available talent pool by 6 to 1
Only 20% of employees have the skills needed to function in a knowledge-based global economy.
Baby boomers are retiring and new hires don’t have enough experience to be competent mid-level managers.

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Learn more about the Center for Supply Chain Research™ at Penn State, one of the nation’s leading institutions dedicated to research and education in the field of logistics.

Learn more about the Supply Chain Talent “Perfect Storm?” from our expert faculty, Kusumal Ruamsook & Christopher Craighead, published in Supply Chain Management Review.

The Challenge

Business Challenge

There is a critical need for companies to build an integrated supply chain – from suppliers through to customers – in order to manage costs and maximize profits.

Companies must build a common, actionable language across all functions of the supply chain to acheive a competitive advantage.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our program builds talent and enhances leadership for 21st century supply chain management.

CorpU’s Supply Chain Leadership Academy enhances and builds talent in end-to-end supply chain management by connecting supply chain professionals across functional areas and teaching the key pillars of holistic supply chain leadership, as well as general leadership skills.

The program builds upon your organization’s supply chain expertise to allow it to move to the next level, making integrated supply chain excellence a strategic asset for your business. We deliver a complete, virtual package tailored for your organization—whether a few hundred local employees, or thousands across the world.

Program Design

CorpU’s Supply Chain Leadership Academy, created in partnership with Penn State’s Smeal College of Business, is designed to enhance and build your organization’s capacity in end-to-end supply chain leadership. The program connects supply chain professionals across functional areas, enabling them to learn and apply key leadership concepts and best practices of holistic supply chain management. Participants learn to build upon their organization’s supply chain expertise and help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain.

Core Courses

We have structured our program into 3 main courses, each having two parts. This supports the goal of providing short, manageable sprints that can be accomplished in three-week segments, with breaks in-between as necessary. For a comprehensive approach to the Supply Chain Academy, customers should take all of these courses, in the order indicated. Alternatively, since each part is purpose-built as a standalone unit, customers may choose to customize the number and sequence of the content they want to focus on, creating the ideal solution.

Achieving end-to-end supply chain excellence

Building Integrated Supply Networks

Becoming a Great Supply Chain Leader

Expert Access

Expert faculty from globally recongnized eductional institutions including:

  • Chris Craighead

    Chris Craighead, Ph.D.

    Affiliated Faculty in Supply Chain Management
    Smeal College of Business, The Pennsylvania State University
    Dove Professor of Supply Chain Management
    Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee

  • John Langley

    C. John Langley Jr., Ph.D.

    Clinical Professor of Supply Chain Management
    Smeal College of Business
    The Pennsylvania State University

  • Chris Norek

    Chris Norek, Ph.D.

    Affiliated Faculty in Supply Chain Management
    Smeal College of Business
    The Pennsylvania State University
    Senior Partner, Chain Connectors, Inc.

  • Steve Tracey

    Steve Tracey

    Executive Director, Center for Supply Chain Research™
    Executive Director, Penn State Executive Programs
    Smeal College of Business
    The Pennsylvania State University

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