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Members Only United Nations - Corporate/College Partnerships

The United Nations believes that learning is not a common process and you cannot force people to learn – you have to make them want to learn using 2 particular approaches: Offer something that is of great value to the individual, in terms of content and process Build good partnerships The United Nations has their own unique process and content that is needed to help people learn, and has partnered with eCornell to develop and help manage a curriculum for their Human Resources Professionals.  The curriculum consists of a variety of online courses, including eight generic courses from eCornell, and they ... Watch Video »

Members Only UPS - E-learning

Organizations have a big hunger for effective ways to learn, and UPS is no exception. As a company with roughly 365,000 people worldwide, a challenge was getting people to understand that e-learning was the future.  There was a pent up desire for learning that really helped UPS be in the right place at the right time, but the fact that e-learning delivered a robust, broad offering was the key player.    UPS very quickly moved away from the things that were easily learned and did not require a classroom forum.  For example, even from the introduction of e-learning, people within ... Watch Video »

Members Only US Army - Launching a Corporate University

Launching the US Army’s Corporate University began as an army-wide study, called the Army Training Leader Development Panel Study in 2001. It started with the army officers and then cascaded down to the civilian core.  The civilian core part of the study was completed in 2003. What was discovered was that was there was no systematic, progressive, integrated way to develop civilian core leaders.  Though there was leadership development then, it was segregated, developed by multiple organizations within the army, and was redundant.  There was some goodness in what the army had, but it needed to be re-shaped into ... Watch Video »

Members Only Verizon Wireless - Simulation Gaming

For Lou Tedrick, SVP of Workforce Development, the challenge was how to engage the younger workforce in learning.  This made her determine whether they were prepared to engage the incoming workforce that was due in another 5-8 years. The inspiration came from her two children – 5 and 10 at the time – playing video games like Zoo Tycoon and using critical thinking to keep customers coming in and out of the zoo.  She asked her team to find a business need that would lineup with a 3D learning game, the marriage of the two initiatives came together, and an online Verizon ... Watch Video »

Members Only Victoria’s Secret - New Product Launches

Every other month a new product is launched at Victoria’s Secret, whether it’s lingerie or beauty products, and a big challenge is how to go to market with those launches. The goal is to educate the sales associates and stores to communicate that newness to the customers, while still meeting their needs in terms of what they are coming in for. Reaching this goal is a challenge, especially with a high part-time workforce (out of 25-30,000 employees company-wide, over 90% are part-time). The company focuses on conversion and how to convert customers, using that as the metric ... Watch Video »

Members Only Blue Cross Blue Shield - Corporate/College Partnerships

When Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina started their corporate university, they recognized that they could not do it all themselves and needed help to address strengths as well as gaps. Tuition assistance had been in place for many years but was not used to its full capacity. Only 3-5% of the population was taking advantage of the opportunity. BCBS NC did not provide onsite degree programs or counseling for the tuition reimbursement program. In order to make the benefit that already existed more meaningful and usable, they asked the university partners to conduct the programs on site so ... Watch Video »

Members Only P&G Case Study: P&G Improves Coaching — By Listening

The managers in Research & Development (R&D) at Procter & Gamble (P&G) are highly trained professionals. They are selected from the nation’s best engineering and science programs. Like physicians (see box, Doctors and Problem Solving), they too are excellent problem solvers. And like doctors, they work under heavy time pressures and deadlines which often leads to not listening enough to their direct reports, customers and colleagues. This article will describe one technique —the small discussion group —as an intervention to address this issue. The intervention was delivered through one of the R&D University programs. Read More »

Members Only The UN Leads the way with Corporate College Partnerships

The UN has partnered with eCornell, Columbia U and others to develop custom curriculum and delivery channels. Tapan Mishra discusses the key components of this initiative. Read More »

Members Only Corporate University Journal Second Quarter

Featured Articles in Research, Tools and Best Practices in this Issue Includes: VISION: The Need for a "Performance-Based Culture"  John Deere:  The Performance Management Journey Are We Starting From the Right Space? Performance Management:  Today's Leadership Challenge Isn't so Easy Performance Management and the Role of L&D Read More »

Members Only CUX Research Brief - Talent Management

This CUX Research Brief describes how some companies create an environment that encourages people to look for new jobs – without leaving. Read More »

Members Only Dealing with No-Shows

Dealing with No-Shows Read More »

Members Only Caterpillar’s Communities of Practice: Unleashing the Power of the People

Caterpillar University has grown their Knowledge Network into a corporate goldmine that contributes significantly to the growth of the company. Bringing together over 40,000 employees, retirees, and dealers into some 3,500 communities, they have helped restart plants destroyed by tsunamis, and solved countless problems in subjects ranging from bolts to keeping garage floors clean when servicing equipment. Read More »

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