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Members Only Freescale - Coaching

When addressing “coaching for performance,” the first thing Freescale does is define what the term means to the company.  In essence, how does a manager take advantage of an opportunity to teach, not in a negative or positive way, but rather by recognizing the ability to improve an employee.  The definition of coaching and understanding its importance must be imbedded in the culture.  After that, you can then teach how managers to coach. An example of a managerial shortcoming is that many times managers say ”you did a good job” but don’t discuss the specific positive behaviors or how ... Watch Video »

Members Only Freescale - E-learning Vs. Classroom

There are certain topics that lend themselves well to E-learning because they do not require discussion.  A good example of this is local employment laws that only need to be studied.  Other topics, such as performance management, require deep discussion and close interaction with the instructor.  Learning how to effectively coach requires a great deal of practice through real life scenarios, simulations and multiple exposures.  This goes beyond instructor led training to role-playing and other techniques that improve the effectiveness of the class through face-to-face delivery. Watch Video »

Members Only Gallup - Coaching

Through the most comprehensive study on coaching ever completed, Gallup’s Chief Scientist, James Harter, discusses the personal approach taken by great managers to coach on a personal level.  Traditionally, managers have been promoted into management with different expectations of their role.  Today, there is more awareness on the people side of business due to the potential profitability that has been proven through research.  Coaching is an integral part of this improved profitability and engagement when seeking to encourage development.  It has been proven that this improved level of engagement cascades through the organization.  When executives are more engaged, they ... Watch Video »

Members Only General Physics - Learning Technologies

General Physics discusses how innovations can change an industry drastically in no time.  The Blockbuster model serves as a clear example of this paradigm change. When videos were offered online and through the mail, the dominant model of store based renting was greatly reduced. In terms of learning innovations, a company must remain on the cutting edge to know what is available and popular while implementing a plan to address it.  Podcasts are widely used, but there needs to be a determination of whether they need to be tracked in a learning management system and the methodology of how to ... Watch Video »

Members Only Caterpillar - Localization of Learning Across Cultures

Dave Vance, the Former President of Caterpillar University, believes that we are all going to have to get a lot smarter in terms of localization and customization of learning as businesses spread globally.  Each company must have a specific strategy for localization and customization of learning because the needs are different in all cultures to a degree that may be surprising.  For example, even in countries that speak the same language like the US and the UK, the language, culture and examples are not the same.  Though English is common, there are many differences that must be considered that impact ... Watch Video »

Members Only Delta - Leadership

Historically, the prevalence of legacy practices at Delta such as tenure-based layoffs were often implemented with damaging results.  The restructuring effort during bankruptcy required a change in this approach to retain the highest talent based on solid criteria. Rather than years of service, performance and competency fulfillment were used to rate employees.  Every person was assessed and ranked into quartile groups.  The stated objective of this ranking was to retain the strongest employees and for the least strong to exit the company.  Processes to improve coaching, teaching and leadership were rolled out from the top down so that each level ... Watch Video »

Members Only Procter & Gamble - LMS Tools

Looking back at ’99-’00, everyone in the learning industry claimed to be AICC compliant.  This only meant that they could possibly communicate in AICC if they ever really wanted to.   Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) decision to go with Lectora was pretty simple.  Lectora is built by Trivantis and based out of Cincinnati – the same central location as P&G.  The irony of it all is the Lectora staff is retired P&G employees.  They created a tool that was the first to possess the ability to show it communicated past a score to SABA.  P&G’s response ... Watch Video »

Members Only P&G Case Study: P&G Improves Coaching — By Listening

The managers in Research & Development (R&D) at Procter & Gamble (P&G) are highly trained professionals. They are selected from the nation’s best engineering and science programs. Like physicians (see box, Doctors and Problem Solving), they too are excellent problem solvers. And like doctors, they work under heavy time pressures and deadlines which often leads to not listening enough to their direct reports, customers and colleagues. This article will describe one technique —the small discussion group —as an intervention to address this issue. The intervention was delivered through one of the R&D University programs. Read More »

Members Only Corporate University Journal Second Quarter

Featured Articles in Research, Tools and Best Practices in this Issue Includes: VISION: The Need for a "Performance-Based Culture"  John Deere:  The Performance Management Journey Are We Starting From the Right Space? Performance Management:  Today's Leadership Challenge Isn't so Easy Performance Management and the Role of L&D Read More »

Members Only CUX Research Brief - Talent Management

This CUX Research Brief describes how some companies create an environment that encourages people to look for new jobs – without leaving. Read More »

Members Only Dealing with No-Shows

Dealing with No-Shows Read More »

Members Only CorpU Webinar - CaterpillarÂ’s Communities of Practice: Unleashing the Power of the People

Caterpillar University has grown their Knowledge Network into a corporate goldmine that contributes significantly to the growth of the company. Bringing together over 40,000 employees, retirees, and dealers into some 3,500 communities, they have helped restart plants destroyed by tsunamis, and solved countless problems in subjects ranging from bolts to keeping garage floors clean when servicing equipment. Read More »

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