Leaders find it shocking that strategic initiatives rarely achieve desired business results and that the gap between strategy development and execution is getting wider as the speed and scale of business increases. Leading business schools and research firms have highlighted that this failure resides in alarming statistics, including:

of employees

say the business strategy is not well understood across the organization.
of employees

say the company does not have the capabilities to win.
of employees

say the strategy is often not translated into specific measures.
of business results

are never achieved due to lack of communication and collaboration across functional silos.

CorpU is the Strategy Activation company. We believe that great technology coupled with best practices can unlock the collective genius of teams to accelerate the speed of business. Executives worldwide rely on our platform to solve complex challenges and execute strategy informed by structured dialogue and deep analytics. Our Strategy Activation platform and methodology removes execution barriers so that organizations achieve their full potential — at the quality, pace and scale required to win in today’s ever-changing market.

Organization Clock Speed

Reset Your Organization Clock Speed

Strategy Activation closes the gap between strategy development and strategy execution by compressing timelines from months to days to achieve the buy-in, commitment and true engagement required to roll out strategic initiatives. This revolutionary new approach puts leaders and teams on the same page by building deep, shared understanding by leveraging structured dialogue and disciplined collaboration. Through our approach, individual and cross-functional execution plans can proceed quickly as they become tightly aligned with strategic objectives.

Challenge All Leaders

The Challenge for All Leaders

Every executive wants to fault “bad strategy” or “weak execution” when their organization fails to reach key business goals. Strategy Activation enables leaders to elicit deep insights from the their team to dynamically fine-tune strategy during execution. And, by using deep analytics to make explicit previously hidden barriers in people’s motivations, mindsets, capabilities and willingness to collaborate, key initiatives have a vastly better chance of succeeding.

Starts with Dialogue

Smarter Strategy Starts With Dialogue

The CorpU Strategy Activation platform facilitates Structured Dialogues that prompt leaders and teams to ask and answer questions, challenge assumptions, and expose potential barriers to critical strategy initiatives. Structured, focused discussions leveraging this approach move people from current steady-state habits to challenging the orthodoxy, and in the process, build the confidence they need to make bold leaps – not incremental steps – in performance improvement.

Capability at Scale

Build New Capabilities at Scale

New strategies necessitate upgrading skills and capabilities of leaders, sales teams, supply chain functions and others. Fast execution demands that you install new ideas, tools and methods at scale. Strategy Activation does both through Capability Sprints.


Develop As You Execute

Capability Sprints feature disciplined collaboration activities that put teams immediately to work on highly specific and focused strategy success factors (e.g. mastering solution selling, developing a metrics portfolio to drive cross-functional supply chain performance; creating a positive work climate to improve productivity.) Entire teams, functions or business units master new principles and current practices in the process of getting work done.

Collective Genius

Improve and Apply Your Collective Genius

CorpU’s Strategy Activation digital first platform and methodology enables structured dialogue, disciplined collaboration and deep analytics to accelerate understanding, consensus and alignment; manage critical feedback loops; and provide insights that help leaders intervene when execution challenges arise. When a new initiative, operational imperative and/or needed capabilities come to light, we configure the Strategy Activation platform to your requirements and develop a plan of customized (uniquely tailored) sprints. The plan defines the fastest way to upgrade your teams’ competence and apply its collective genius.

Realize Your Vision Faster

With tight alignment and shared understanding, decisions for setting priorities and allocating resources at every level are grounded by strategic intention and focused on stated business results. CorpU’s deep analytics document value by validating employees’ understanding, commitment and alignment. Our clients know their businesses are moving faster because:

of employees

demonstrate deep understanding of the firm’s strategies.
of employees

have aligned execution plans to strategic initiatives.
of employees

illustrate strong motivation and deep commitment to delivering the right business.