Why Strategy Execution Fails

Every year, firms roll out their new strategic plans and key initiatives – to drive topline growth, achieve greater profit, to improve productivity, to innovate, to work collaboratively – all with the goal to solve pressing problems and achieve enviable successes. And every year, corporate strategies fail to achieve the full scope of their goals.

Factors Contribute to Falling Strategies

Why Do Our Customers Defy This Pattern?

Our holistic strategy activation process binds an entire organization together as individuals and teams work together towards a commonly understood and supported goal.

It makes a difference. Where previously, members of an organization were unaware of their own corporate strategy – now they can identify their role in achieving it. Our platform and proprietary process helps teams achieve new levels of mutual understanding, engagement, and collaboration across all levels of their enterprise as they work towards achieving strategic goals.

Our customers say we help them close the strategy to execution gap by helping them drive top and bottom line improvements across every department and throughout every level of an organization.


Global Retailer Resets Course & Finds $1 Billion Opportunity

This global retailer was partnering with Corpu to implement a broad new sales strategy, when it faced an unexpected crisis. Its planned merger was blocked and the CEO transitioned. The new CEO used the power of CorpU to make a fast strategic pivot, ultimately guiding the company and the sales teams to find $1 billion worth of fresh opportunities.

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Distribution Network

A Lagging Distribution Network is Reinvigorated

One of the world’s largest multinational retailers discovered that they couldn’t achieve their profit goals without improving productivity across their large network of warehouses. Traditionally, executing this change would take two years of meticulous work. Instead, this organization re-engaged their warehouse managers through CorpU in a culture sprint, improving productivity and saving $14 million.

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Head Start

Life Sciences Firm Finds Four Month Head Start

This life sciences firm believes that innovation should permeate every level of their organization. With that in mind, the supply chain president partnered with CorpU to implement, iterate, and improve strategy faster than was ever possible before. Through CorpU sprints, he reduced the time from launch to execution from four months to nine days while also generating $76 million worth of improvement initiative ideas from participants across the globe.

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The Collective Genius of Your Teams Will Unleash Success

With tight alignment and shared understanding, decisions for setting priorities and allocating resources at every level are grounded by strategic intention and focused on business results. Strategy Activation engages everyone who participates in owning the success stories they create. Ultimately, our clients believe in Strategy Activation because:

of employees

demonstrate deep understanding of the firm’s strategies.
of employees

have aligned execution plans to strategic initiatives.
of employees

illustrate strong motivation and deep commitment to delivering the right business.

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Our Strategy Activation platform removes barriers so that organizations can achieve their full potential. In one week, participants enhance their knowledge and network power through structured dialogue and disciplined collaboration.
Data Analytics
Business leaders gain explicit insight into previously unknown information through our deep analytics, including: whether teams understand and feel prepared to act on a new initiative, if they’ve identified a roadblock, as well as what mindset, motivations, and attitudes predict.
We take a holistic approach that makes strategy personal and actionable for every participant. Our simple three-step process is designed to build momentum towards your goals.

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