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Coke Superintelligence Delivers
$66 Million in Savings


Coca Cola – the world’s most recognizable brand; their product is purchased by consumers over a billion times a day.

The Challenge

Coca-Cola’s aim to be a “total beverage company” requires a response to changing consumer tastes, including drinks with fewer calories, vitamin additives and smaller packages. Coke’s traditional approach – daily product launches and mixed packaging sizes – and traditional challenges – varied shelf life and unpredictable demand – presented significant new complexity for Coke supply chain teams.

Operational Excellence

Marshalling a Global Team of Thousands

Coke’s future supply chain had to support growth and respond to changing customer choice. CorpU managed structured conversations to help 8,000 plant managers in 200 countries gain deep clarity, shared understanding and commitment to new supply chain strategies. CorpU then directed managers’ collaborative work across functional silos to improve horizontal processes, and design and share new efficiencies.

Igniting Superintelligence

Igniting Superintelligence

As managers got to work creating Coke’s future supply chain, CorpU introduced new supply chain practices from GA Tech faculty and suggestions for change by Coke subject experts. These diverse perspectives stimulated managers’ collective wisdom for innovations. CorpU data analytics delivered a continuous stream of insight to Coke executives about how to knock down barriers and accelerate managers’ progress.


in benefits

Manager improvement projects have achieved $66M in cost savings to date
60 to 1
return on initial investment

Return of value on the company’s investment in its CorpU solution
years early

Supply Chain managers achieved the CEO’s water sustainability goals five years ahead of schedule

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