CorpU Solutions: Driving Culture Change

Three Week Sprints Improve Culture and Produce Productivity Turnaround for Multinational Retailer


One of the world’s largest multinational retailers serving hundreds of millions of customers every week.

The Challenge

In this large organization, profitability hinges on the productivity of thousands of warehouses that serve the stores and their customers. How many boxes go out the door every hour of every day – is it fast enough? What do you do when turnover rises and productivity declines?


The Complication

The supply chain leadership of this organization had a particular problem. Productivity was down, and it was threatening their ability to meet the larger profit goals of the company. Completing traditional turnover programs would take two years – and they would miss their deadline for improvement.

CorpU Hypothesis

The CorpU Hypothesis

The leadership met with CorpU to find a fast but effective way to upgrade warehouse productivity. Intercede with the warehouse managers with a series of short Learning Sprints about positive leadership over a period of three weeks. This will jolt managers into a new mindset, build culture, commitment and productivity.

CorpU Solutions: Culture

2,500 Warehouse Managers went through the CorpU Sprints – learning from the material and mining their own network for fresh insight. They found new ideas to put into immediate practice, creating more positive and engaged teams.

of employees

took immediate action to practice new positive leadership behaviors
saved annually

by improving productivity by 2.9 cases an hour
stories shared

by DC managers about the success of their new positive leadership practices

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