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Popular international B2B goods supplier with a robust network of retail stores.

The Challenge

This organization originally partnered with CorpU to infuse new energy and strategy through its sales teams, but then it found itself with a sudden, unexpected challenge in 2016. They had to create a new plan for the future as a long-planned strategic merger was blocked and the CEO transitioned.

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The Evolution

The new CEO launched a program with CorpU to run in tandem with the Sales Sprints to fire-test her nascent strategy. She wanted fast debate and feedback from a senior leadership team of 815, then to make adjustments, and implement with enthusiastic buy-in. She wanted a plan that everyone would understand. And she wanted to do it all while building the abilities and alignment of the sales team.

Continued Roll-Out

The Continued Roll-Out

The larger strategy came to life as leaders put the plan into action through a series of three week sprints. The original 815 leaders guided their own teams through what the new strategy meant for them. Meanwhile, the sales teams worked to create a single strategic selling methodology mapping new product and service solutions to customer needs.

An Extra Bonus

In a time of rapid change, keeping an organization engaged and hopeful for the future can be challenging. The CEO wanted her workforce to know she believed in them and their best ideas, so she hosted a CorpU Idea Tournament. Participants contributed their plans for generating new customers and deepening loyalty – and voted the best ideas into consideration by the top brass.

of leaders

successfully cascaded the new strategy to their reports
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demonstrated deep understanding of the strategy and a commitment to growth

ideas were generated by the Idea Tournament and are moving into planning and implementation

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