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Sprints Condense Time to Execution – 4 Months to 9 Days


Agilent – a global life sciences firm with a long history of research, development, and manufacturing dedicated to making the world healthier.

The Challenge

Agilent’s supply chain had undertaken a radical transformation in support of a larger “One Agilent” strategy. Three separate supply lines were merged into a single global supply chain. The organization wanted the unified chain to become an active source of company innovation and contribute a 1% year over year margin growth.

Surpassing Methods

Surpassing Traditional Methods

Henrik Archer-Jenson launched the change initiative in the traditional way – spending four months flying across the globe to host town halls with senior leaders who then hosted their own town halls to spread the message further through the organization. While this succeeded as a launch plan, the President knew he could do better and move faster if he didn’t have to lose four months to communication before execution could begin.

supply chain transformation

The CorpU Solution

By working with CorpU, Archer-Jenson radically decreased time to execution from four months to nine days. The initial wave of senior leaders collaborated through the CorpU Strategy Activation platform – to understand and align around 2016 strategy. Then an additional group of leaders participated in three week Supply Chain Sprints – to gain a fresh end-to-end perspective and share methods to improve planning and forecasting, optimize inventory levels, increase supply chain transparency, and use data to derive insights on customer needs. With this phase of the work cycle finished, the team felt newly engaged and ready to execute – and to iterate for continued new improvements.


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demonstrated deep understanding of the strategy
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committed to teaching strategy to direct reports and lower levels
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pipeline of improvement initiatives generated

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