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CorpU Analytics

At CorpU, we help you answer critical questions:

  • Do your leaders have the right skills?
  • Are we getting future leaders ready fast enough?
  • Are leaders aligned around a common vision and moving in a synchronized way toward the most critical objectives?
  • Are we building the leaders we need?

What We Believe

Dialogue is the key

Dialogue between leaders produces not only shared understanding, alignment and buy-in, but a rich data stream from which to tell whether your leadership team is prepared to lead or not.

Unobtrusive is better

“Smile sheets”, surveys, and completion rates can be useful. But multiple sources of data drawn from conversations, behavior over time and outcomes ‘on the ground’ are better.

Track over time

The only way to truly know whether leadership is changing or improving is to measure, track and encourage it over time.

Connect the dots

The ultimate goal is to ‘connect the dots’ between what a company is doing to develop its leaders, how strong or weak they are, and business outcomes. We help clients measure those relationships so that they can allocate resources better while gaining peace of mind on their most important asset- their leadership teams.

What We Believe

CorpU Analytics

What We Measure

For a leadership team to succeed in implementing a new idea (or an even an old one), a number of things must be in place: Engagement – They must engage with the idea—reading about it, analyzing it, reflecting on it, discussing it. Understanding – They must understand it—deeply—and have the knowledge and skills to implement that understanding. Advocacy – They must believe in it, changing their hearts and minds and becoming advocates for change. Barriers and Solutions – They must see problems and preemptively identify their solutions as an integrated unit. Follow Through – And finally, they must act as an integrated unit- implementing the game plan over time as one team. CorpU measures each of these factors using multiple methods and sources of data so that our clients can see whether or not their programs are creating these conditions, and in turn, whether those conditions are moving the company forward.

How We Think about Leadership Analytics

We believe that by combining new advances in knowledge, method, and technology, we can measure the efficacy of your leadership development programs and the strength of your leadership teams much more effectively than you do now.

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How We Measure It

Topic Modeling
Affect Analysis
Predictive Modeling
Entropy Analysis
Organization Network Analysis
Topic modeling is an analytical tool that scours through thousands of conversation threads to identify the important recurring words and phrases. It can expose the key challenges your teams are grappling with and the solutions they’d like to craft, what they think is important, and other valuable information.
Topic Modeling
Affect analysis repurposes evaluation methods familiar to marketers to measure sentiment – how much do people believe in the goals they’re being asked to achieve? Do they feel aligned? Will they be positive or negative, passive or active in the days ahead?
Affect Analysis
The ultimate goal is to anticipate what will happen in a company and change the outcome for better. Often through a combination of CorpU data and other data our client shares, we use statistical models to anticipate- or predict- the likely outcome in a host of areas, such as retention, engagement or sales performance.
In the past, if you wanted to know how well a group of people understood the material, you would give them a test. We use entropy analysis, which measures language use and sophistication to infer your team’s capability to act based on their understanding of content and ideas.
Entropy Analysis
Organization Network Analysis shows how people are working together across divides of distance, department, and seniority – basically, how robust is collaboration at your organization? With this information, you may find gaps that are hindering progress, as well as previously hidden leadership potential.
Organization Network Analysis