Campbell Soup’s plan to train 200 supply chain leaders begins with software

by Edwin Lopez Dive Brief: Campbell Soup will train more than 200 employees this year with CorpU, a leadership development and workforce analytics platform that connects users with supply chain experts at top-tier universities. “There are so many roles within the supply chain, and we wanted individuals to think and act differently based on a deeper... Read More »

Campbell Soup Company driving supply chain transformation with CorpU

by James Henderson CorpU has announced significant progress from a year-long partnership with Campbell Soup Company, helping the company to transform its global supply chain. Campbell supply chain leaders across the globe have used CorpU’s cloud-based software platform to collaborate, tap insights from supply chain experts at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business. The company... Read More »

CorpU to Fuel Innovation and Supply Chain Excellence for Campbell Soup Company

Partnership connects employees to Penn State supply chain experts; generates analytics to help leaders respond to rapidly shifting consumer demand PHILADELPHIA, April 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CorpU, a pioneer in leadership development, today announced significant progress from a year-long partnership with Campbell Soup Company. Campbell supply chain leaders across the globe have used CorpU’s cloud-based software platform to... Read More »

The Impact Of Big Data Analytics On Leadership Development

Each year, U.S. businesses spend $20 to 50 billion on leadership training. With that kind of investment, one might assume that the state of American leadership is thriving. But the research tells a different story.

Six Questions Put High-Performing Teams On A Path to Breakthrough Results

Mario Moussa and Derek Newberry, authors of Committed Teams, discovered that teams achieve better outcomes if they answer six questions when setting team goals. Are we really clear about our team’s purpose? A shared purpose held equally by all team members generates passion and inspires mutual commitment. Shared purpose gives clarity when the best laid... Read More »

4 Characteristics of Successful Leadership Development Plans

Leadership development programs are a vital component of successful organizations. The effects of leadership development help with business growth, innovation, and employee engagement and retention. 84% of organizations surveyed¹ expect a leadership shortfall over the next 5 years. But only 5% have implemented leadership development at all levels. Leadership development plans are the number one... Read More »

How Do You Accelerate the Long Cycle of Culture Change

Out With the Old, in With the New Culture change is a long, arduous process. Changing an existing culture is much more difficult than establishing a brand-new culture. Discarding the old values and behaviors, and instilling new ones is a hard task. Managers must ensure that new customs and processes take hold, being watchful of... Read More »

Three Key Factors for Supply Chain Transformation

In our recent webinar, 3 Themes That Will Impact Supply Chain Leaders Now and in the Future, we discussed how optimizing the supply chain promises many benefits. These benefits include reduced costs, improved efficiency, and better relationships with internal and external stakeholders. We also looked at how many enterprises are encountering significant roadblocks to supply... Read More »

How to Create a Change Movement

As companies adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, with shifting players, products, services, and technology, many of them struggle to keep up. Advancement, or even maintenance, can be a challenge in an environment that requires flexibility, adaptability, and real-time decision-making. Technological advancements and market globalization have made change management a vital part of the... Read More »

Why Do Strategic Plans Fail?

The best-laid plans of mice and men, often go awry. Almost every executive can point to an experience when a great idea for strategic change has been conceived perfected, and rolled out, only to fail in the final measure. And the company pays the price, not only in missed opportunities, but also in wasted time,... Read More »