Attributes of Positively Energizing Leaders

At the heart of positive leadership lies the concept of positive energy. It is almost impossible to be a positive leader without also being a source of positive energy. The research is very clear that positively energizing leaders can generate exceptional performance from their teams. 

While this crisis has potential to cause people stress, depression, anxiety, and disengagement, positive energy can become a significant counterbalance to those negative responses. Positive energy is characterized by a feeling of aliveness, vitality, and zest. It is the life-giving force that allows us to perform, to create, and to persist. It unlocks resources and capacity within us and actually increases our ability to flourish. Positive energy is probably the single most important attribute of positive leaders.

In this video, Dr. Kim Cameron shares a few very simple tips leaders can use to increase their capacities as positive energizers. Near the end, he gives a change management call to action: for you to identify the Positively Energizing Leaders in your organization and mobilize them now, during this Coronavirus upheaval, with an assignment.