CorpU and Penn State Recognized for Award-Winning Work With Agilent Technologies

by | Mar 15, 2019

CorpU and Penn State Smeal College of Business received the Silver Award in this year’s coveted 2018 Learning In Practice Awards sponsored by Chief Learning Officer magazine. The Excellence in Academic Partnerships award recognized the solution developed cooperatively by CORP/U and Penn State to drive supply chain transformation at Agilent Technologies. Click below to read Agilent’s story. Read about the award-winning program below.

Agilent CLO Learning in Practice Award

Steve Tracey, Executive Director for Penn State’s Center Supply Chain Research and Penn State Executive Programs, and Savannah Kimball, CorpU Business Development Executive, accept the CLO award for the Supply Chain Leadership Academy implemented by CorpU and Penn State for Agilent Technologies.

In 2015, CEO Mike McMullen launched a massive restructuring program to make global life sciences leader, Agilent Technologies, more efficient, nimble, and customer-focused. Supporting this initiative Henrik Ancher-Jensen, President of Agilent Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain (OFS), launched a strategy to transform manufacturing and supply chain at Agilent.

Ancher-Jensen and Lars Kristiansen, Senior Director Strategy & Continuous Improvement for Agilent OFS, sought a new strategy implementation solution to accomplish three goals:

  1. Train across the organization at many sites worldwide;
  2. Deliver knowledge from the best thinkers in supply chain academia and practice;
  3. Deploy immediately applicable tools and concepts that reduce cycle time from development to business results.

They implemented a Supply Chain Leadership Academy developed by organization learning pioneer CorpU and Penn State Smeal College of Business, the #1 ranked provider of supply chain education. The solution, called Agilent’s “OFS Supply Chain Program,” managed a two-pronged approach that first involved strategy sprints (short courses teaching the OFS strategy) and learning sprints on specific supply chain topics.

Program activities consisted of:

  1. formal and informal learning developed and led by Penn State Supply Chain faculty;
  2. scalable, collaborative development experiences for leaders that accelerated individual skill development along the way;
  3. a guided, paced approach to activating organizational strategy
  4. machine learning algorithms that evaluated leaders’ understanding, motivation and commitment to drive the supply chain strategy and adopt new supply chain concepts

Agilent credits its OFS Supply Chain Program with:

  • a 1% YoY margin improvement goal
  • $71.6M in improvement opportunities
  • demonstrated commitment to the new strategy by 94% of supply chain employees

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