CorpU Supports Agilent Technologies in Activating Strategy Across its Global Supply Chain

by | Apr 19, 2017


Online strategy “sprints” complement top-down communication to accelerate strategy execution and harness the collective ingenuity of teams

PHILADELPHIA, PA–(Marketwired – Apr 19, 2017) – CorpU, the strategy activation company, today announced the results of its partnership with Agilent Technologies a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. Using the CorpU platform, Agilent’s global manufacturing and supply chain organization reported an 83 percent reduction in time-to-launch strategic initiatives, resulting in more focused program execution critical to operational performance and further supporting improved margins. According to Agilent, the transition from design to implementation for supply chain strategy was reduced to just 10 days using CorpU — a process that historically spanned months.
Agilent’s results reflect a growing trend, as executives look toward employee-friendly technologies to accelerate the launch of new initiatives, foster employee buy-in, and generate analytics to inform strategy. The CorpU strategy activation platform engages employees through structured dialogue, generates honest feedback during expert-led strategy “sprints,” and involves critical stakeholders in both strategy design and execution.
“The technology enabled us to take a much more collaborative approach to strategy implementation,” said Henrik Ancher-Jensen, president of Agilent Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain. “When staff members have opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns early in the process, we close the gap between strategy design and execution.”
Just one week after deploying the new strategy, hundreds of Agilent employee comments and questions were surfaced via CorpU. Keeping up with the fast pace of implementation across the global supply chain organization, Agilent executives addressed concerns in real-time to win staff support and quash concerns.
“Agilent is reimagining the strategy execution and communication process across the supply chain, in ways that are only possible with technology,” said Alan Todd, CorpU founder and CEO. “The leaders understand that putting big ideas into action across a global enterprise isn’t a one-and-done exercise; it takes ongoing collaboration and structured dialogue to transform strategy into culture and maximize productivity.”
About CorpU
CorpU is the strategy activation company. We believe that great technology coupled with best practices can unlock the collective genius of teams to accelerate the speed of business. Over four million executives worldwide rely on our platform to solve complex challenges and execute strategy informed by structured dialogue and deep analytics.
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