Navigating an Unpredictable Crisis

No one alive has experienced a global crisis like the Coronavirus and its unprecedented impact on personal and professional lives. Personal and family health will always have priority. We all mourn with those that mourn and we take care of our loved ones.

With the current global time-out — caused by travel restrictions, social distancing, closed restaurants and stores, and looming recession — business implications are also profound. In the face of dramatic contextual jolts, leadership becomes even more pivotal. 

Leaders need tomake bold decisions that instill confidence with all stakeholders and model behaviors that employees should follow. Leaders also help their teams enact and live espoused values, institutionalize the “right” culture, and reinvent business models to create the future. The leader’s role in a crisis is ever more critical because the stress of a crisis magnifies actions and creates lingering memories.

In this video, Dave Ulrich, Professor at the University of Michigan and author of dozens of leading books on leadership, talent management, and organization development, shares advice on how leaders can respond successfully to the current crisis.