Reinventing a 2,000-Year-Old Management Strategy

The most important business strategy, dialogue, has withstood the test of time. The ancient Greeks knew that dialogos was the key to creating shared meaning. Management theorists from Senge to Ulrich understood that dialogue transforms corporate vision to shared-vision. And savvy executives understand the role that dialogue plays in cultivating organizational achievement. Engaging people in dialogue leads to... Read More »

CorpU Supports Agilent Technologies in Activating Strategy Across its Global Supply Chain

PRESS RELEASE Online strategy “sprints” complement top-down communication to accelerate strategy execution and harness the collective ingenuity of teams PHILADELPHIA, PA–(Marketwired – Apr 19, 2017) – CorpU, the strategy activation company, today announced the results of its partnership with Agilent Technologies a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. Using the CorpU... Read More »

Strategy Activation: Defined

Until the 1960s, the word “strategy” belonged on the battlefield, not in the boardroom. In fact, Drucker mentioned strategy only once in The Practice of Management. It wasn’t until 1962, when Alfred Chandler (a former teacher at the U.S. Naval War College) wrote Strategy and Structure, that the term entered the business lexicon.  Around the same time,... Read More »

The Death of the Town Hall Meeting

  Strategies not delivering results? Consider this. Town hall meetings and road shows are a staple of corporate culture. But in today’s workplace, their relevance is quickly fading. Learning science tells us that the town hall format (usually a one-way conversation in front of PowerPoint slides) rarely produces an engaged, receptive audience. And tools like Skype... Read More »

Strategy Activation Firm Hires Former CEO of Human Capital Institute

PHILADELPHIA, PA–(Marketwired – Mar 8, 2017) – Today, strategy activation firm CorpU announced its newest executive hire, Carl M. Rhodes. Having left his post as CEO of Human Capital Institute (HCI), an organization that provides memberships and research focused on HR analytics, leadership development, and talent management strategy, Rhodes will now assume the role of... Read More »

Veteran Commercial Leader Joins CorpU Executive Team

PHILADELPHIA, PA–(Marketwired – Feb 8, 2017) – CorpU, the strategy activation company, welcomes Spencer Forrest to its leadership team as Chief Commercial Officer. Previously a top commercial executive at the Corporate Executive Board, recently acquired by Gartner for $2.6 billion, Forrest has worked with the world’s most innovative sales, marketing and communications executives to implement best... Read More »

Why the Inertia Around Business Change?

Why do some people, when faced with a mandatory hurricane evacuation, refuse to leave their homes? They might simply be, well, nuts. Or, according to Dr. Keith Ablow—a psychiatrist and frequent contributor to the New York Times— they may be experiencing something called “reflex denial”: they have trouble believing that a rare, highly dramatic event... Read More »

3 Ways to Accelerate Supply Chain Excellence (SlideShare)

Supply chains have never been more critical to business performance. However, they have also become increasingly distributed, global and interconnected. This represents an urgent challenge for businesses that need to find leaders who are able to manage complex relationships strategically. Companies that find and develop the right talent are discovering new ways to turn supply... Read More »

What’s the Single Greatest Motivator for Your Employees?

No, it isn’t money. But it does begin with an M. It’s meaning. To retain high performers, “their work needs to provide them with meaning – a sense they are doing something important, that they are fulfilling their destiny,” wrote Alan Murray in The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management. “These psychological needs are... Read More »

Are You Forging Your Supply Chain with Forgeries?

Recent headlines about counterfeit goods would alarm any supply chain manager (and for that matter, anyone on the planet). Stories involving tainted supply chains are popping up everywhere from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to industry-specific publications. Instances of fakes range from the more familiar (phony designer handbags and smartphones) to the... Read More »