3 Ways to Accelerate Supply Chain Excellence (White Paper)

Supply Chains have taken on a renewed strategic importance. Technology has opened a world of procurement, manufacturing, and transportation options requiring advanced levels of decision making from Supply Chain leaders. Companies are beginning to value attributes like agility or long-term sustainability over cost per unit produced and firms are rethinking how to measure success in... Read More »

Flat, Be Nimble

A recent article in Chief Learning Officer Magazine, “The Power of Sponsorship at Gore”, highlighted the unusual corporate structure of W. L. Gore & Associates (known for its signature fabric Gore-Tex as well as industrial and medical products). What’s unusual about it: it’s a flat organization. There are no managers or executives, except for the... Read More »

3 Ways to Make Employee Engagement a Strategic Asset

Employee engagement is essentially the measure of your enthusiasm for work. That may sound oxymoronic to some, but considering that most of us spend the majority of our lives in a workplace, employee engagement has significant ramifications for personal health, happiness and well-being. But its importance is not limited to individuals. Researchers repeatedly find it... Read More »

Practicing Positive Leadership

Unleashing Positive Energy As a part of University of Michigan’s course on Practicing Positive Leadership, Dr. Kim Cameron shares how you can re-train your brain and go a step further to unlock the potential of your organization. Studies show that positive leaders live longer, earn more money, and elevate the performance of their teams. Take... Read More »

Mending the Broken Bridge Between Employers and Job Hopefuls

Despite a 5.5 % national unemployment rate which translates to nearly 8.5 million people, approximately 5 million jobs remain unfilled, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Why are these jobs still open? It’s not a shortage of workers, but a shortage of skilled workers. This is according to many experts who have pointed to... Read More »

Three Ways to Become a Great Supply Chain Leader

The demands and pressures on today’s supply chains are greater than ever.  Ensuring a secure, efficient end-to-end supply chain has become mission-critical across many industries. At the same time there’s a huge gap in available talent, with the demand for professionals now exceeding the talent pool by 6 to 1. How will supply chain leaders... Read More »

Orchestrating an Integrated Supply Chain

This past Easter weekend I witnessed an extraordinary performance at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts: conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin led the Philadelphia Orchestra in Bach’s Passion According to St. Matthew. The piece has only been performed a handful of times in the city over the past 30 years, and once the concert started I... Read More »

A Thousand Leaders, One Process

In a recent meeting with a group of managers at a large telecommunications organization, one employee commented that he always felt like he knew good leadership when he saw it and tried to emulate it. However, it wasn’t until taking the Positive Leadership course I teach that he realized he had a hard time defining... Read More »

Will Your Stress Help or Harm You? You Decide

Stress is bad for you. Everyone from executive coaches, to doctors, to writers of popular magazine articles, and from the American Psychological Association to the World Health Organization, can tell you that. And if you don’t reduce your stress, it will eventually kill you. Right? Well… it’s not the whole story. Shawn Achor studies happiness... Read More »