Custom Content Development Director

You thrive on changing peoples’ lives. You dream of a world where people flourish because of the learning journeys they’ve taken that you orchestrated. You lead teams of people who design courses with “magic moments”, those moments where people learn something new and go “AHA!”; those moments where they say “Wow, I’ve developed a new habit and it changed my life.”

Your life is better when you know that you are thriving at work because you’re making a difference in the lives of so many. Your work enables thousands of people from the world’s finest organizations to become tomorrow’s best leaders.

Your work is your passion and calling. You dream about it at night. You’re a problem solver, critical thinker, and creative leader. Your confidence enables you to interact smoothly with internal colleagues, customer sponsors, and a Learning Design Team tasked with building award-winning online education programs. Your organization skills are tuned to keep dozens of simultaneous design projects running smoothly.

Your blend of skills, from leading people and improving systems, to delivering results, position you to fuel the rapid growth of CorpU’s Custom Content business within the Enterprise Solutions Group. Your financial and business acumen enable you to deliver profitable growth by managing costs and change orders effectively.

You are a pioneer. As a result of your passion for learning, you are always pushing the limits by experimenting on the edge of possibility. You are not satisfied with how “it’s always been done” or outdated “e-learning”. You collaborate with colleagues including co-workers, creative talent, and business leaders to explore the art of possibility and push the boundaries of what a great learning journey can enable people to accomplish.

If All of the Above Describes You, You Will Thrive as a leader in our Enterprise Solutions Business

But who are you, really? Do you live virtuously? Are you a positive person who jumps out of bed believing “today is going to be great and tomorrow is going to be even better.” Are you hopeful… an optimist? Does your positive energy inspire others? And being human, are there times you let your mind slip into a negative place, and despite your best efforts, let that negativity win? If so, are you able to override those thoughts with a belief of Positive Intent in yourself and others? If you recognize this in yourself, then you practice virtuousness every day.

Our workplace.  We strive to be a Virtuous Organization every day. A place where people derive deep meaning from their work and gain increasing passion and energy from their colleagues, customers and collective results. We work together to create an environment where each person can do their very best work.

CorpU’s 8 Dimensions of Virtuousness

  1. Gratitude & Appreciation
  2. Dignity & Respect
  3. Support & Compassion
  4. Caring & Concern
  5. Meaningfulness & Purpose
  6. Inspiration & Positive Energy
  7. Forgiveness & Understanding
  8. Trust & Integrity

Our Hiring Priorities

Protecting our Virtuous Culture is our #1 priority. Perhaps counterintuitively, we prioritize hiring for the perfect role fit last. We look for culture fit in every hiring decision based on these 5 criteria and in this specific order:

  1. Virtue – they love, believe in and practice the 8 dimensions of Virtuousness. (social & emotional intelligence)
  2. Drive – they aspire to play a part in doing something great. Their track record clearly shows that they are motivated and ambitious. They do not need a boss telling them what to do each day.
  3. Intelligence – they have achieved success in learning and applying new skills. They are Super-Curious. They likely have a bachelors or advanced degree, or other means of demonstrating powerful thinking ability. (cognitive intelligence)
  4. Similar Experience – previous roles and accomplishments demonstrate the required thinking, mindsets, judgements, and skills that show potential to successfully learn how to contribute and create results in a role at CorpU. (fast learner / continuous learner)
  5. Exact Experience – they have done nearly the same job we are hiring for at another employer.

What You’ll Do:

  1. Manage the 4-step Organizational Learning process to produce high impact virtual learning journeys: Design, Produce, Run, Analyze.
  2. Lead teams across dozens of projects and customers and deliver each finished custom course “masterpiece” on time, on budget, and on specifications (against the Statement of Work).
  3. Work with customers indirectly by working with CorpU Sales People and Project Leaders; attend design scoping calls with the customer (blueprint and High Level Design stage), to better understand what resources and outputs are expected.
    • You may have direct customer management responsibility longer term, as it is potential area of expansion once you have CCD (Custom Content Development) running like a system and should that match your career goals and company needs.
  4. Develop deep knowledge for the system and how to improve the system – including people, process, technologies
    • Work with finance leader to improve current reporting systems
    • Work with Expert Network leader to resource/assign the certified Learning Designer; may involve both a contract LD and a full-time senior CorpU LD as Advisor/Quality Oversight
    • Direct and assign Creatives (graphic designers, video editors)
    • Support pre-sales with contract or SOW (Statement of Work) preparation, by scoping projects based on initial needs assessment
    • Communicate and collaborate with Account Executives about draft and executed SOWs
  5. Process & Resource Management
    • Translate SOW into Work Plan, including Budget Box and Resource Plan (manpower/effort) for every project
  6. Oversee and measure Learning Designer, Graphics Designer and Video Editor on current project against Quality Rubrics
  7. Quality-check all content/products and evaluate sprint feedback and results to determine how to iteratively improve sprints, both custom and core

What You’ll Bring:

  • Business Acumen
    • Ability to negotiate with internal and external stakeholders
    • Strong customer service or commercial experience
    • Capable of understanding virtual learning components
    • Understanding of industry best practices
  • Financial Acumen
    • Experience in creation and management of budgets
    • Capable of understanding how content development scope impacts budget
    • Understands relationship of costs to service pricing and its application to budgets and project pricing
  • Change Agent | Process Champion
    • Capable of building networks and negotiating with difficult stakeholders
    • Possesses empathy and good listening skills to ensure the needs of stakeholders are met
    • Owns the resource management and staffing process and is champion to get others to follow the process
  • Program Management
    • Skilled in risk identification, mitigation, and management
    • First-hand experience in resource planning, allocating and utilizing resources (people, tools for organizing & tracking course builds/roadmap) to achieve maximal efficiency of resources
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, team-based environment; able to work autonomously, take direction as needed, adapt to client needs and flex with abrupt changes
    • An artistic side, appreciation and insight into creative works of art, to support and impact our “unbelievably high standards” for our products and services


  • 10+ years of experience in program management or product management within executive education, leadership development, professional certification programs, or online MBA programs
  • Particular experience in digital learning, virtual learning, social learning, and/or mobile learning environments is strongly preferred
  • Solid business experience in running a program, department, or service as a product; responsibility for all the marketing, scheduling, registrations, and budgeting during implementation
  • A 2-year or 4-year degree from an accredited university, college or technical school in the discipline of adult education, technology, instructional design, organizational development, business management is preferred
  • Prior experience working alongside digital marketing and sales pros, as well as technology software or SAAS (software as a service)



Our company is based in Mechanicsburg, PA. This position will be based in Mechanicsburg or virtually from anywhere. If remote, travel to Mechanicsburg quarterly is expected as well as attending a daily video check-in meeting with your team(s).

Please include a resume and a brief cover letter describing why you are applying to this role at CorpU. to:
Helen Senos | CorpU

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