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ahead of schedule to accomplish clean water objectives

Coca-Cola needed 8,000 managers in its worldwide bottling network to implement new supply chain practices for demand management, product segmentation, procurement, risk management and food safety to support Coke’s intentions to double revenue within 10 years.

Scott Figura, Global Director of Operational Excellence & Productivity defined three pillars of Coke’s success:

  • Growing strong leaders who understood the holistic supply chain to drive new levels of operational excellence
  • Helping managers tap diverse experiences and knowledge around the world in order to achieve goals they could not achieve working independently
  • Focusing development around application projects to help managers take immediate action on new supply chain concepts


Hear Coca-Cola’s story about using CorpU’s Leadership Development Platform to help 8,000 managers install transformational supply chain practices.

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Scott Figura
Global Director of Productivity and Operational Excellence | Coca-Cola