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The CEO of this multinational retailer wanted to move quickly on initiatives to grow the business and generate ideas to achieve profitability goals. Among many key talent development initiatives was one to improve team selling and capture a larger share of mid-market customers.

The Director of Learning and Development pursued several objectives to drive a culture change in the sales organization:

  • Shift the sales team’s perspective on learning to see it as an expectation and part of the job, and not as an extra activity beyond their job
  • Enable sales team members to learn from one another and through collaboration, to discover and share best practices
  • Engage senior sales executives to support development by participating in discussions, sharing their experiences in virtual presentations, and holding teams accountable to complete learning programs

Sales executives say they don’t see collaboration on CorpU’s Leadership Development platform as the way they learn, but as the way they work.

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I wanted to move quickly on new initiatives to grow our business, and tap into our best thinking to achieve improve profitability. Our strategy and innovation sprints made those things happen very fast, and yielded enormously valuable feedback.

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