100-Day Leader’s Journey

Created in partnership with: Robert Quinn

100-Day Leader's Journey


Becoming Who You Really Are


Now organizations can do leadership development in a fashion that is more effective, less expensive, and automatically gives rise to organizational improvement. And, they can supplement current initiatives with this extended application series.

This program is designed to help leaders further develop and sustain their leadership skills.  In just a few minutes every day, leaders explore various ways to develop their own leadership skills. Leaders are challenged to not only think about what it would take to become a more effective leader, but they are asked to take what they learn every day, put it into practice, and share the results and impact of their actions with their colleagues.

University of Michigan Professor Bob Quinn’s 100 leadership lessons serve as booster shots to illustrate simple habits leaders can perform on a consistent basis to overcome the pressures of task pursuit and facilitate deep change.

Each of the 20 themes includes five daily lessons. Select one, several or all 20 themes to invite your people to sustain positive leadership practices.  This program is a way for you to create a program for your people to develop individually while they also move the organization forward. The change is not directed from the top.  It comes from all around the organization as each person becomes who they really are. 

This program is divided into twenty themes. Each theme will be explored for one week and a unique lesson related to the weekly theme will be delivered each day.

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Robert Quinn
Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations
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