100-Day Leader’s Journey

Becoming Who You Really Are

Created in partnership with: Robert Quinn

100-Day Leader's Journey

What You Will Learn

After 100 days of this process, you and your team will have internalized new perspectives, new practices, and new habits of interaction with colleagues, friends and family that will transform your life, transform your relationships, and transform the impact you have on others.

What You Will Do

  • WATCH: In this unique learning journey you will start each day with a 3-5 minute video. In that video, Professor Robert Quinn shares an inspiring story from his 40 years of working with organizations around the world.
  • REFLECT: Each story is followed with 3 simple questions about what you are learning and behaviors you can change; you document your ideas in a private online workspace.
  • PRACTICE: Each day you use the nuggets of learning to try something different and new back in the workplace.
  • TRANSFORM: As a capstone to the week you share successes and influence each member of your learning community. As you do, you turn individual leadership development into profound organizational change.


Transformational leadership development requires disciplined reflection and deliberate practice. This program is uniquely designed with these essentials to help leaders advance their leadership skills and impact. In just a few minutes every day, leaders are challenged to not only think about what it would take to become a more effective leader, but they are asked to put their learning into practice, and share the results and impact of their actions with their colleagues.

University of Michigan Professor Bob Quinn’s 100 leadership lessons illustrate simple habits leaders can perform on a consistent basis to overcome the pressures of task pursuit and facilitate deep change.

Each of the 20 themes will be explored for one week. A theme
is addressed through five daily lessons that participants work on wherever it works best in their schedule, using any device with access to the Internet. Organizations can select one, several, or all 20 themes to sustain positive leadership practices.

The cohort setting fosters engagement and increases participation rates, while the in-platform dialogue and feedback that occurs on the last day of each week promotes interaction and collaboration that yields shared best practices. Transformational change comes from all around the organization as each person becomes who they really are.

Over 100 Days we pursue these 20 Themes:

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Robert Quinn
Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations
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