Becoming Externally Open

Created in partnership with: Robert Quinn


This course will ask you to ponder the extent to which you are truly aware of different perspectives whether you are willing to not only accept but to invite feedback from others. Transformational leaders have a filter, a mindset, that allows them to see every experience as an opportunity to strengthen our leadership capability. Dr. Quinn takes us on a journey through the following topics:

  1. We see and become what we choose to behold
  2. Leadership means being externally open, taking a fresh view
  3. Leadership means offering a fresh view
  4. Feedback is essential to learning
  5. Leadership grows with commitment to feedback

This one-week sprint is part of a 20-week series theĀ 100-Day Leader’s Journey designed to help you develop the leadership skills already inside you, by regularly dedicating about ten minutes of your valuable time each day to taking charge of your own leadership development. You will be challenged to not only think about what it means to become a more effective leader, but you will be asked to take what you learn every day, put it into practice (or, at least try an experiment or two), and share the results and impact of your actions with the colleagues taking this journey with you.

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Expert Faculty

Robert Quinn
Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan