Communicating to Inspire Change

Crafting and Sharing a Compelling Vision

Created in partnership with: Dave Pottruck

Communicating To Inspire Change

What You Will Learn

  • Establish a need and urgency to change
  • Create and communicate a compelling vision for the future
  • Demonstrate authentic leadership communication skills to inspirechange

What You Will Do

  • Be introduced to the principles of effective leadership communication
  • Learn how to develop a communication plan to both announcechange and communicate effectively throughout the initiative
  • Understand how to ‘lead out loud’ to effectively lead change within your organization


It may come as no surprise to you that the majority of breakthrough change initiatives—70% by some estimates—ultimately fail. Change is hard, risky and prone to failure. Employees have very natural and rational reasons to resist change, and many have become increasingly fatigued by the rapid pace of change that’s part of today’s business climate.

Business leaders cannot drive breakthrough change by themselves. While they may understand the need and urgency to change, they must be able to convince others that the difficult, time consuming challenge is a worthwhile pursuit. This is no easy task.

The successful change agent must be able to inspire people, and get them excited to embark on the challenging journey ahead. This Learning Sprint — Communicating to Inspire Change—will give you the tools to:

  • Establish a need and urgency to change.
  • Create and communicate a compelling vision for the future.
  • Demonstrate authentic leadership communication skills to inspire change.
  • “Lead out loud.”

This Sprint is not intended to make you a master at change management—that takes sustained effort and practice overtime. Rather, we want to provide you with an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the communication aspect of chang , so that you can better “sell” a necessary change to the rest of your organization.

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Expert Faculty

Dave Pottruck
Executive, Educator, Author

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