Making Winning Business Decisions

A Framework for Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Created in partnership with: John Austin

Making Winning Business Decisions

Available Formats

  • Guided Learning Journey - 3 to 5-week (12 hours) applied virtual learning experience with 30-minute daily lessons, three expert-led live virtual events, group coaching, and analytics

What You Will Learn

  • Increase individual and collective decision-making capabilities
  • Consistently apply the structured decision-making process
  • Improve processes for defining the correct decision frames, improving confidence in potential business outcomes
  • Create environments that foster feedback and learning, with tolerance for the right kinds of mistakes

What You Will Do

  • Reach faster and more effective solutions through problem identification and framing.
  • Understand how to assess the degree of uncertainty and risk in a decision
  • Reduce the impact of cognitive biases and blind spots
  • Manage stakeholders based on their interests and influence
  • Avoid myopic groupthink and tunnel vision
  • Decide on a course of action and make course corrections if necessary


More people are making more decisions—and are being forced to make them faster—in an increasingly unpredictable and less forgiving environment. More is at stake than ever before. In this sped-up world, you’re likely to have exactly one shot to get a decision right, not three. And if you get it wrong, you have less time to correct mistakes and reestablish credibility.

Decision-making prowess is a skill that can and should be learned. Why do well-intentioned, smart, experienced professionals make poor decisions far too often? We believe it’s because they haven’t been taught a disciplined process for making winning decisions. Left to fend for themselves, they’ve relied on intuition, brains, luck, common sense, and training within the narrow bounds of their professional expertise. Unfortunately, in today’s environment those aren’t sufficient.

This Learning Sprint:

  • Illuminates your current decision-making process using a challenging case study.
  • Takes you through the process and challenges inherent in framing decisions and gathering intelligence in a second case exercise.
  • Guides you through a process for coming to conclusions and learning from experience based on the results of your case study.

Prepare your leaders for effective critical thinking so you can avoid the costly pitfalls of today’s high-stakes business environment. The Sprint is based on Paul J.H. Schoemaker’s bestselling books Decision Traps and Winning Decisions.

Course Outline

Expert Faculty

John Austin
Professor, Leadership Studies, Fielding Graduate University

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