Designing Persuasive Presentations


Every leader has sat through—and probably delivered—an ineffective corporate presentation marked by endless bullets and irrelevant detail. Regardless of the amount of research and planning, if a leader cannot effectively convince others to act, a business opportunity is lost.  This course teaches the proven 10-step Extreme Presentation Method™ for designing persuasive presentations.  It boosts your executives’ strategic communication capabilities, helping them prepare better presentations faster.  Overall, you’ll enable improved, more profitable company decision-making.

The course is led by Andrew Abela, PhD—Dean of the School of Business & Economics at Catholic University and a world-renowned expert on effective internal communications—whose clients have included Microsoft, Exxon-Mobil, and HJ Heinz. Through Abela’s easy-to-use method, participants will increase their “percent first time to yes”: the number of occasions when the audience agrees to their proposal at the first presentation.

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