Driving Customer Value

Created in partnership with: John Branch

Driving Customer Value


In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, companies can no longer survive on product or price differentiation alone. Driving compelling, consistent customer value is a critical strategic imperative. Yet, too often, there’s a big disconnect between an organization’s workforce and it’s customers. Too often there’s a lack of clear value proposition for a firm’s offerings. And, too often companies over-emphasize what they deliver rather than what their customers need.

With CorpU’s Driving Customer Value, you can reach beyond traditional marketing methods and equip your leaders with modern concepts and tools to effectively collect, analyze and respond to customer metrics and build a customer-centric strategy designed to win in an ever-changing and highly competitive business landscape.

Through the perspective of customer value, participants will be better positioned to improve your organization’s focus on customers. This Sprint enables participants to explore and define customer value and competitive advantage within your organization, as well as how to communicate that value to stakeholders.

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