Driving Your Team to High Performance

Coaching and Developing Your Talent

Created in partnership with: David Ulrich

Driving Your Team To High Performance

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to set and communicate clear expectations for your team
  • Assess performance against the expectations you have created
  • Apply a proven coaching framework
  • Create new opportunities for development

What You Will Do

  • Learn how leaders effectively manage talent to drive team performance
  • Receive tips and tools to develop your talent, including setting appropriate expectations
  • Explore frameworks to assess and measure your talent and conduct effective coaching conversations


The best leaders in history succeeded because of their ability to uplift and strengthen those around them. As leaders in your organization, your success depends on the strength of the talent on your teams, and how well you are able to grow and develop individual contributors. You know that developing your people is important, but the challenge is how to successfully develop your talent while juggling all of your other responsibilities.

Driving Your Team to High Performance explores various ways to develop and coach talent. When it comes to coaching, though, it is important to realize that coaching cannot occur in isolation. Coaching must be part of a clear development strategy that starts with concrete expectations and ends with the actual opportunities for development and skill-building.

Activities illustrate how to frame coaching within a broader approach to developing your talent. This broader approach includes:

  • Setting and communicating clear expectations for your team.
  • Assessing performance against the expectations you’ve set.
  • Applying a proven coaching framework.
  • Creating opportunities for development.

Course Outline

Expert Faculty

David Ulrich
Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

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