Evaluating Opportunities with Third Party Logistics Providers

Created in partnership with: John Langley


Much of the value that supply chains now generate comes from integrating the supply network.

In Evaluating Opportunities with 3rd Party Logistics Providers you will take a critical look at logistics providers to identify the kind of value that these firms could bring to your supply chain. This is a one-week sprint that can be taken as an individual program or bundled with other CorpU sprints for a customized a program that helps each organization achieve desired business goals.

You will participate in an online experience with experts and peers that includes:

  • 30 minutes of sprint activities a day
  • 60 minute virtual live event with expert faculty
  • Expert Guide support of questions, comments, and group engagement
  • Active participation – devoting your time to structured dialogue will increase all the knowledge and takeaways of the entire cohort
  • Practical application – what you learn today will be useful to you tomorrow

Expert Faculty

John Langley
Clinical Professor of Supply Chain Management, Penn State University

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