Harnessing Data Analytics for Your Organization

Created in partnership with: Foster ProvostVasant Dhar

Harnessing Data Analytics For Your Organization


The Data Revolution is in full swing, transforming everything from daily life to how organizations operate their businesses. The world has watched in awe as the organizations that are willing, ready, and able to take on the challenge of harnessing the power of data science to make predictions about their customers, the market, and their organizations have stood further and further above their peers.

But many organizations are struggling to unleash this power for their organizations; progress is stymied by misunderstanding, poor data strategy, and lack of a common language between teams. The directive to make data-driven decisions flounders as teams struggle to understand the fundamental principles of data science.

Welcome to the Solution

This course, while not exhaustive, will enable you to collaborate with your data team and think more “data analytically.” If you dedicate your time and attention, you will find yourself increasingly able to move forward into the opportunities that predictive analytics holds for your organization. Over the next modules, you will:

  • Align data and business understanding to develop meaningful solutions to issues such as siloing
  • Build your familiarity with key data mining concepts, developing an ability to communicate with analytics stakeholders
  • Demystify the data science process
  • Construct a predictive analytics proposal to take advantage of an opportunity at your organization
  • Collaborate with colleagues to unpack your organization’s current data strategy, and propel your organization into new leve

Expert Faculty

Foster Provost
Vasant Dhar

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