Designing High-Impact Organizational Learning

How To Design Digital Programs That Drive Your Organization Forward

Created in partnership with: Alan Todd

What You Will Learn

  • Participants will learn fundamental science behind sociocultural learning
  • The four phases of our digital learning design playbook: Design, Produce, Run, and Analyze
  • Learn to harness your company’s collective genius through organizational learning

What You Will Do

  • Develop a learning design blueprint for your very own instructional program
  • Produce instructional content to build into your learning design
  • Collaborate and share ideas with other Learning & Development professionals


The recent COVID-19 pandemic makes it very clear that businesses and learning leaders must champion online learning in order to grow at scale. Some trailblazing companies are already doing this, but many organizations still wrestle with the idea that online learning can be an alternative to face-to-face workshops and training. Many skeptics point to inconsistent outcomes from digital learning, but many of those skeptics overlook the fact that learning outcomes are only as good as the instructional design.

Expert Faculty

Alan Todd
Founder & CEO, CorpU

Additional Material

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  • Designing High-Impact Organizational Learning
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