Inspiring Performance Through Positive Action

Created in partnership with: Shawn Achor


Did you know that happy people are 31% more productive, 37% more successful in sales, three times more creative, and up to ten times more engaged as employees? According to Shawn Achor—former Harvard researcher and author of the international bestseller The Happiness Advantage—when our brains feel more optimistic, our work performance is enhanced, and so is our drive for success.

In this course, Achor teaches leaders the basic link between positive psychology and success, and shows them how to apply his Seven Principles of Positive Psychology. He brings in strategies and insights from Fortune 500 executives around the globe. Learn how your organization can enjoy a plethora of benefits from positive psychology: increase productivity, reach peak performance, improve teamwork, reduce turnover, and accomplish better outcomes.

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Shawn Achor

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