Agility Through Learning

Created in partnership with: Stanton Wortham

Agility Through Learning


Agility Through Learning will help your team trace learning and capability gaps at the heart of significant business problems. Discover how and why leaders must facilitate organizational learning. You also will understand how to reframe business problems as learning challenges and identify factors that influence how individuals best learn — thereby strengthening your organization’s core capabilities to develop your talent.

In the Learning Sprint, you will:

  • Identify a blind spot or business challenge that requires team or organization learning.
  • Reframe a current business problem to reveal the learning gaps.
  • Conduct interactive dialogues to explore new information in a competitive environment.
  • Practice listening and questioning skills to create an attitude of openness about the targeted business challenge.
  • Define what’s required to support continuous growth as the future becomes more difficult to forecast.

Taught by Stanton Wortham, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of Bullish On Uncertainty, this Sprint shows leaders why it’s essential to lead an organization that is adaptive. It looks at innovation—disruptive and incremental—as an act of learning and discovery about how to respond to changing needs.

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Stanton Wortham

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