Leading High-Performing Teams

Empowering and Inspiring Teams to Succeed

Created in partnership with: Tom Magness

Leading High Performing Teams

What You Will Learn

  • Discover effective ways to plan and secure team buy-in for an ambitious vision
  • Learn and apply a four-stage framework to guide a team to higher performance levels
  • Understand how to develop synergy within a team, and why empowerment leads to improved performance

What You Will Do

  • Prepare your team for the “competitive fight” by empowering them to take action
  • Apply new techniques that will help your team adapt to changing conditions
  • Develop a learning organization by identifying and applying lessons learned


Ineffective leadership costs American companies hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue, missed opportunities, preventable waste, and poor personnel decisions.

Leading High-Performing Teams teaches business leaders how to apply a proven four-step framework — used extensively by the U. S. Army to drive successful military missions — to achieve critical business objectives.

Leaders will discover how to:

  • Set conditions for success by developing a shared vision and plan
  • Enable success by preparing themselves and the team to translate a plan into action
  • Execute plans flawlessly by following up and following through to completion
  • Continually improve success rates by learning before, during, and after each event.

Leaders will understand how inspiring and developing the team, empowering team members, and communicating effectively become critical enablers of mission success.

Teams can achieve breakthrough performance levels when leaders master tools to make team members passionate co-owners of a shared vision.

Course Outline

Expert Faculty

Tom Magness
Colonel (Retired)

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