Leading with Purpose

Focusing On The Human Dimension For Better Results

Created in partnership with: Becky Halstead

Leading With Purpose

What You Will Learn

  • Learn ways to ensure your behaviors reflect your own leadership values
  • Discover how to value diverse opinions, new voices and varied experiences
  • Determine ways to connect with team members to build relationships and trust

What You Will Do

  • Create and share your purpose as a leader
  • Develop a plan to recognize great performance
  • Write a personal definition of leadership
  • Begin to define and recognize how your leadership legacy wil impact those you lead


Every leader has a purpose, and when they discover it, they ignite a fire to become the best leader possible. Brigadier General (Retired) Rebecca “Becky” Halstead illuminates principles for Leading with Purpose through personal stories about her time serving as a leader during the war in Iraq; as she led one of the world’s largest supply chains for the US Army; and in poignant one-on-one interactions with soldiers.

While most of her work demanded world-class efficiency, Halstead discovered that efficiency focuses on data and measures, and is the work of managers. Leaders must also be effective, and that requires recognizing the human dimension — the people who add value day in and day out.

In this Sprint, Brigadier General Halstead guides leaders to:

  1. Encourage diversity of thought and experiences to improve decision making and strengthen teams
  2. Communicate effectively to connect with people and build relationships
  3. Leave a legacy by being significant in the lives of those you lead

Leaders collaborate to share stories of leading with purpose as they test new behaviors and model purposed-based leadership. Through testing, modeling and sharing, leaders begin to shape a culture that features trust, transparency and continual learning.

Course Outline

Expert Faculty

Becky Halstead
Brigadier General, US Army, Retired

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