Making Change Happen

Created in partnership with: Dave Pottruck

Making Change Happen


The only certainty in business today is change. Change affects organizations of all sizes, and is happening more quickly now than ever before. But the types of big, breakthrough organizational changes that truly transform an enterprise are hard, risky and prone to failure.

While it is typically incumbent upon a company’s senior leadership to drive these initiatives from the top, it is equally important that the rest of the organization know how to support and champion these change efforts. This Learning Sprint, Making Change Happen, focuses on how to support or champion a change effort that has already been established in a company.

Consider this Sprint an inside look at how experts in change management think about the process of conceptualizing, planning and implementing bold, transformational change – and how you can apply it to a change initiative that you are facing now, or expect to in the future.

Expert Faculty

Dave Pottruck
Executive, Educator, Author

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