Managing Innovation

Leveraging the Collective Genius of Your Organization

Created in partnership with: Christian TerwieschKarl T. Ulrich

Managing Innovation

What You Will Learn

  • Generate solid ideas in response to a challenge posed to the organization.
  • Understand how to develop creative solutions to existing issues or future opportunities through a proven, standardized approach that doesn’t limit the potential for creative magic.
  • Know how to apply and replicate innovation tournaments successfully in your organization.

What You Will Do

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of innovation.
  • Experience innovation tournaments as a useful tool for generating opportunities.
  • Learn to apply theory to a real organizational challenge.
  • Build an innovation tool kit to help you become a more effective innovator.


Innovation is often compared to lightning or flying sparks— spontaneous and uncontrollable. Although randomness and serendipity clearly play a role in innovation, and no single analytical tool can innovate for you, the innovation process can be managed effectively through a set of scientific principles and analytical tools. This Learning Sprint presents key scientific principles that underlie successful innovation and frameworks and methods for mastering innovation.

You’ll discover how you can manage and benefit from the process of innovation as you generate creative and innovative ideas to help your company! You’ll see how innovation creates stronger, more capable, and more profitable organizations.

First, we’ll draw on much of what has been studied and written about in the field of innovation. Second, we’ll learn from Karl’s and Christian’s experience with hundreds of companies that have made these topics core elements

of their enterprise strategies. Finally, we’ll draw from our own and each others’ experiences in our personal and professional lives.

This combination of expertise, our collective experiences, and the science behind a process-based approach to innovation will provide both theoretical and practical insights into this opportunity to fundamentally change the way we work.

Course Outline

Expert Faculty

Christian Terwiesch
Professor of Operations and Information Management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Karl T. Ulrich
Vice Dean of Innovation and the CIBC Professor of Entrepreneurship and e-Commerce at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

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