Negotiating On Behalf of Your Organization

Negotiating On Behalf Of Your Organization


Negotiating on Behalf of Your Organization will allow you to continue building skills you developed in Negotiating for Mutual Gains. This Learning Sprint adds a second, parallel idea. For each of us to be effective as a negotiator, we need to ensure that we have done our best to develop our own skills, and that key organizational processes, practices and behaviors are aligned with our bargaining strategies so that the organization achieves the best results.

The key objectives in this Sprint include:

  • Continuing to build individual skills with the Mutual Gains Approach.
  • Practical application of negotiation tools designed to help organize and navigate the complexities of multi-party negotiations.
  • Identifying organizational barriers that prevent or reduce the impact of our efforts, and collaboratively building strategies to break down these barriers.
  • Developing shared perspectives on organizational objectives and barriers so you understand how your actions affect other key members of your negotiation value-chain.

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