Negotiating For Mutual Gains

Creating Win-Win Solutions in Your Organization

Created in partnership with: Lawrence SusskindHal Movius

What You Will Learn

  • Improve relationships with external partners through an organizational MGA.
  • Shorten sales cycle.
  • Improve profit margins.

What You Will Do

  • Understandfundamentalconceptsofnegotiatingandbargaining.
  • Createaplantobetterpreparefornegotiations.
  • Usecreativitytocreatevaluewithinanegotiation.


Negotiations can be challenging, they usually involve several parties who have multiple concerns and interests to address. The Mutual Gains Approach, developed at Harvard over the past 35 years, has been designed to improve outcomes and strengthen relationships with counterparties by focusing on the interests–not demands–of everyone involved.

This Learning Sprint provides the first step to improving your negotiation skills and giving your organization a strategic and competitive edge. It offers a common set
of proven frameworks and methodologies to help you view negotiations differently. As your team works through activities, you’ll have opportunities to think about, discuss and practice effective techniques for achieving better negotiation outcomes.

You’ll be asked to participate in several negotiation practice sessions and in virtual discussions with your colleagues to learn as much from each other as from the experts.

Course Outline

Expert Faculty

Lawrence Susskind
Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hal Movius
Founder & President, Movius Consulting

Additional Material