Leading Successful Projects

Created in partnership with: Edward T. ReutzelDavid J. Huff

Leading Successful Projects


Projects are the operational lifeblood of your organization. Whether it’s implementing new strategies, enacting process improvements, or developing new technology solutions, successfully executed projects are key to accomplishing your business goals.

But modern projects are becoming increasingly difficult to execute. They require the input, cooperation and orchestration of a multitude of different disciplines and functional areas, and must often be accomplished with few resources and little time. The ability to plan, schedule and control projects has become an essential leadership capability for all business leaders, not just designated project managers.

Projects are unique activities, and fall outside of typical day-to-day business processes. The ability of organizations to successfully execute these high stakes, “one-off” projects that they haven’t done before, requires a thorough understanding of project management principles.

This three-week guided learning journey in Project Management provides a framework for effectively managing the uncertainty that’s inherent to projects. You will learn how to organize and kick off a project, create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), monitor planning and budgets, manage the critical path of a project, and bring a project to a successful completion.

In addition, you will learn how to:

  • Lead a project from concept to reality
  • Operate effectively as both a project team member and a project leader
  • Negotiate effectively with project team members and clients
  • Evaluate the key elements of successful project management

Expert Faculty

Edward T. Reutzel
Associate Professor Emeritus of Supply Chain Management, Penn State University
David J. Huff
Clinical Professor of Supply Chain and Information Systems, Penn State University

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