Selling Your Ideas Through Storytelling

Created in partnership with: Mario Moussa

Selling Your Ideas Through Storytelling


In our fast-paced business world, gaining attention for a new idea can be challenging. Leaders often fill their presentations with statistics and metrics to help make their case, but these numbers and the meaning behind them often fail to make the personal connection that motivates people. To make an impact you need to connect with your stakeholders in a way that inspires action.

Storytelling, a skill once reserved for authors and movie producers, has become the newest addition to the business leader’s tool box. Some claim it will be the leaders’ most important skill in the next decade. Research has shown that stories allow us to connect with data in a meaningful way.

By developing storytelling skills, you will be able to:

  • Create a compelling message that clearly communicates why your idea is better than any alternative
  • Evaluate the preferred communication styles of your audience and frame your idea in a way that resonates deeply with them
  • Create a memorable pitch, using the proven PCAN storytelling framework. Stakeholders will remember your idea and vision, and understand how the idea can provide mutual benefits
  • Navigate the organizational environment to gain support for your idea at all levels. Storytelling helps you to work with and through others to gain alignment on a common goal.

This course combines a research-based framework, strategies and tools for communicating with diverse groups, and a proven work plan for moving your idea from concept to implementation

Expert Faculty

Mario Moussa
President, Moussa Consulting

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