Understanding the Financial Impact of Operating Decisions

Created in partnership with: Ahmad Rahnema

Understanding The Financial Impact Of Operating Decisions


Your managers make decisions every day, but may not fully understand how those decisions impact the company’s financial position. Are the terms they’re extending to customers and suppliers straining working capital? Are they hiring talent before company growth can absorb the added overhead? Are excessive investments being made in inventory? With this Sprint, leaders will understand how seemingly routine operational decisions and strategic investments can actually make or break your organization.

Led by Ahmad Rahnema, professor of financial management at the prestigious IESE Business School, the Sprint shows how to identify and interpret the financial ratios most important in your company, and devise strategies to improve those ratios. Participants will pursue creative approaches to boosting the organization’s cash position, and recommend actions that consider cash flow management, customer service, and cost/risk in order to optimize working capital performance.

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Ahmad Rahnema

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