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What is CorpU Open?

CorpU Open provides a flexible option for individual leaders and teams to join in the CorpU learning experience. Participants join colleagues from multiple companies in a cross-industry collaboration experience. Depending on the course selection, cohort members spend 10 to 30 minutes daily engaging in a variety of short online activities such as readings, videos, personal reflections, interactive discussions, and application exercises.

CorpU Open is available to all CorpU customers. View the CorpU Open calendar below to learn more and register for an upcoming course.

CorpU Open Benefits

  • Address your leadership development needs with the right programs for you
  • Develop your people with targeted team or individual development
  • Strengthen leaders and teams to drive transformation
  • Extend, refresh and reinforce topics that are critical to building the culture and engagement your organization needs

What to Expect

You will join expert faculty and leaders from other organizations. You will maximize the value of this learning experience by staying committed to completing the assigned daily activities and exchanges with colleagues and expert faculty. Each day of a one-week course requires 10-30 minutes of your attention, concluding with a fifth day capstone in the format of either an online Q&A forum, a response video with discussion, or a 60-minute webinar live event.

Open Courses

Supply Chain Academy

December 2 — 6

Live Event December 6 12:00 ET

Strategic Leadership Within Your Supply Chain Organization

In Strategic Leadership Within Your Supply Chain Organization you will have the opportunity to explore ways to build the capacity of your supply chain organization in the service of a long-term strategic vision. These are critical leadership skills that will help you build organizational excellence.

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Steve Tracey
Executive Director, Center for Supply Chain Research™ and Penn State Executive Programs

Leadership Academy

December 9 — 13

Live Event December 13 12:00 ET

Driving Your Team to High Performance

Coaching must be part of a clear development strategy that starts with concrete expectations and ends with the actual opportunities for development and skill building. In this course we will discuss a proven coaching framework, practice setting and communicating clear expectations, and debate the best ways to assess performance against those expectations.

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David Ulrich
Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Leadership Academy

December 9 — 13

Live Event December 13 1:30 ET

Becoming a Purpose-Driven Organization

This one-week sprint is designed to help leaders embark on a journey to embed authentic purpose throughout an organization – including bringing leaders together to collectively discover their organizational purpose and leaders at all levels to discover their professional purpose.

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Robert E. Quinn
Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations
Anjan Thakor
Washington University, St. Louis - John M. Olin School of Business, European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI)

Leadership Academy

January 6 — 10

Live Event January 10 12:00 ET

Practicing Positive Leadership

Any leader, no matter the level or focus, can use the principles of Positive Leadership, rooted in empirical evidence, to produce business results that exceed normal or expected performance. In this course you and your cohort will discuss specific techniques proven to give individual leaders and entire organizations a competitive advantage.

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Kim Cameron
William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

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