Becoming a Purpose-Driven Organization

Discovering and Charting a Course to Exceptional Results through Purpose

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We are excited you are taking advantage of the exclusive opportunity to participate in CorpU Open with leaders across multiple companies. Plan to spend 30 minutes daily to stay connected with your cohort. The final day features a capstone event with your peers and CorpU experts.

Course: Becoming a Purpose-Driven Organization
Start Date: 11/30/2020
Capstone: 12/04/2020 12:00 pm ET
Time Commitment: 30 minutes of online activities per day for four days, 60 minute virtual live capstone at date & time noted above

About This Course

Many leaders think of their workforce as being self-interested and motivated only by additional wealth or promotions, so they view the pursuit of higher purpose as not being in their best business interest. When an organization’s view employees this way, they create the very problems they expect. Consequently, employees not only fail to see opportunities but also experience conflict, resist feedback, underperform, and personally stagnate.

If a majority of the Global Workforce is disengaged what can organizations do to inspire great leadership? Through their research, Professors Bob Quinn and Anjan Thakor have found that there are 8 counter-intuitive insights associated with creating a purpose-driven organization. One of the most important is that in a company that has an authentic higher purpose, all decisions are arbitrated by the purpose. This leads the company to move from decisions of expediency to decisions of principle. The organization therefore does hard things, and doing hard things leads to new internal and external behaviors and interactions.

In Purpose-driven organizations employees get value beyond the paycheck. In such an organization there is more understanding, trust, commitment, engagement, collaboration, and learning. It is an empowering environment.

Through this program, participants will learn how they can align their organization with an authentic purpose, one that intersects with business interests and helps guide decision-making. In an organization of higher purpose, despite constant pressures to regress to the norm, the people interact with one another with respect and develop a win-win mentality that supports high levels of collaboration.

By creating a purpose-driven organization, employees believe they work in an organization of excellence. Externally, customers begin to perceive that they are obtaining added value by dealing with a company of authentic leadership, authentic employees, authentic brand, and authentic products. They are drawn to this excellence and confirm it by joining in the co-creation of the organization’s future.

Expert Faculty

Robert E. Quinn

Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations

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