Modeling Your Future Business

Using the Business Model Canvas to Define, Refine, and Innovate

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About This Course

Business modeling is a way to experiment and test your hypothesis for creating and capturing value, while reducing risks. When managers consciously operate with deep understanding of how the entire business system works, they can make better decisions and gain critical feedback on whether or not the intended approach is working. This Learning Sprint is designed to teach you the key essentials of how to utilize the Business Model Canvas tool to effectively model and shape existing and future products.

Throughout this Learning Sprint, you will:

  • Establish a shared language to better discuss existing and new business models and value propositions.
  • Learn how to design, test, and build new business models and value propositions in a systematic, efficient, and practical way.
  • Align your team and organization around clear stories of how you intend to create, deliver, and capture value.

As you master tools of the Business Model Canvas, you will:

  • Understand business models, value propositions, their components and their interdependencies.
  • Use key tools to describe, improve, and/or invent business models and value propositions.
  • Identify opportunities for enhancing or inventing business models and value propositions.
  • Communicate how your business models and value propositions create value through better stories.

Expert Faculty

Alexander Osterwalder

Co-Inventor of the Business Model Canvas

Course Features

100% Online Course Platform

30 Minutes Per Day

Leadership Coaching

World-Class Expert Teaching

Community of Practice

Course Overview

Week One


  • Introduction to Business Model Canvas
  • Sketching Your Business Model
  • Ways to Apply The Business Model Canvas
Week Two


  • Competing With Products & Technology is Not Enough
  • Using Business Model Mechanics to Improve Strength
  • Exploring the Possibility of Doing More With Less
Week Three


  • Business Model Prototyping
  • Business Model Innovation Techniques
  • Playing With Numbers
Week Four


  • Introduction to Value Proposition Canvas & Customer Profile
  • Improving Your Value Proposition
  • Establishing Value Proposition Fit
Week Five


  • Why Business Plans Don’t Work
  • The Path From Hypothesis to Validation
  • Testing Techniques Continued

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